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In May 2003, Jay Nailor and MiShell Modern opened the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, California to focus on lowbrow and pop surrealist genres. This post documents the paintings that Josh Agle contributed to the fourteen group exhibitions that he has participated in at the gallery. For reference, Shag’s seven solo exhibitions at the M Modern Gallery are as follows (all linked to descriptive posts):

The fourteen group exhibitions at the M Modern Gallery that Shag has contributed towards are listed below in chronological order.

Palm Springs Weekend 2003
The Palm Springs Weekend group exhibition was held on September 27th 2003 at the M Modern Gallery. This exhibition, during the gallery’s inaugural year, included a serigraph print from Josh Agle. Palm Springs Weekend is a twelve-color serigraph print measuring 21″ by 29″. It is hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 300 with 35 artist proofs and 5 printer proofs. The original cost of the print was $275 USD.

Modern Love (2004)
M Modern Gallery held the Modern Love exhibition from the 14th February to the 11th March 2004. The show included the original acrylic on panel painting Palm Springs Serenade which measured 26″ by 18″. A serigraph print sized 30″ by 22″ was released at the Modern Love exhibition which was hand signed and numbered, priced at $300 USD, and limited to 300 copies (plus 25 artist proofs). Note that the image was used for the Martini Kings album Palm Springs Serenade.

I Dream Of Tiki
The I Dream Of Tiki exhibition during Tiki Oasis 2004 ran at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs with the opening reception on Saturday May 8th from 3pm to 6pm. This group art show of over thirty-seven artists included the original Josh Agle painting Calypso (below left) and Heavyweight (below right).

My Way: A Tribute to the Rat Pack (2004)
The My Way: A Tribute to the Rat Pack exhibition ran from November 20th  to December 5th 2004 and featured Josh Agle’s Making The Point painting. A limited edition My Way – Tribute to the Ratpack set was issued at the show which included prints from nine different artists – Glenn Barr, Tim Biskup, Ron English, Shephard Fairey, DALEK (James Marshall), Mitch O’Connell, EWIK (Eric Rider), Miles Thompson, and of course Josh Agle. The portfolio was housed in an anodized aluminum box with a polycarbonate viewing window, limited to 333 copies, and priced at $550 USD. Shag’s contribution to the set was the nine-color Making The Point serigraph print which measured 9.5″ by 13″.

Blonde Bombshell: An Appreciation of the Species (2006)
M Modern Gallery hosted the Blonde Bombshell exhibition from January 14th to February 5th 2006. Legendary 1950’s sex symbol Mamie Van Doren and performance artist Amanda Lepore hosted the show of art and photography celebrating platinum icons. Shag attended the opening reception and signed copies of his book Shag: The Art of Josh Agle. The Josh Agle original acrylic on panel painting Hollywood Regency was included in the exhibition, sized 43“ by 22”, and priced at $12,000 USD.

The Future (2006)
M Modern Gallery held The Future: Fantastic Visions Of What May Come exhibition from April 15th to May 13th 2006. This group show featured over thirty leading artists imagining the future. Josh Agle provided the acrylic on panel painting His Future which measured 33” by 18” and was priced at $8,900 USD.

James Bond: A Tribute (2006)
The James Bond: A Tribute group show was held at the M Modern Gallery from the 29th July to the 1st September 2006. Josh Agle released a new print at the exhibition, and if anyone can tell me what it was then I will add it here. Perhaps it was this Diamonds are Forever inspired painting of the Elrod House with Thumper (Trina Parks) reclining in it and standing in front of it, but probably not as the photograph is from 2017.

Casino (2007)
The Casino exhibition at the M Modern Gallery in Las Vegas ran from March 1st to the 30th.  The show included many Shag prints including the well placed Last Table in Vegas. This 2005 fifteen-color serigraph print measures 28.5″ by 19.5″ and included a set of themed playing cards.

A Broken Promise of the Flying Car (2009)
The A Broken Promise of the Flying Car group exhibition opened at the M Modern Gallery on November 21st 2009 and featured over thirty artists visions of the flying car. Shag provided the 24″x17″ acrylic on panel original painting The Human Fly for the exhibition.

TheBook of Tiki 10th Anniversary Exhibition (2010)
The Book of Tiki 10th Anniversary Exhibition opened at the M Modern Gallery on 2nd October 2010. This 10-year celebration od The Book of Tiki by Sven Kirsten featured many of the original artists included in the book in addition to new Tiki artists. Shag exhibited a 15″x25″ acrylic on wood panel painting called “Her First Bible” which quickly sold at $6,500. [Note, several sources call it “Her New Bible”]

The Contemporary Idol (2012)
The Contemporary Idol exhibition was held at the M Modern Gallery from the 17th of February to the 10th of March 2012. It featured the work of over twenty artists interpreting primitive tiki in the modern habitat. Shag contributed the acrylic painting The Idolator in addition to many serigraph prints.

Harveys for Shag Seatbeltbag Pre-Release Launch Party (2012)
M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, California held a pre-release launch event from 8pm to 11pm on Saturday, 28th April 2012 for the new Harveys for Shag Seatbeltbag Collection. Josh Agle was joined by Dana and Melanie Harvey to celebrate their collaboration with the help of complimentary cocktails and canapes. Two bags were shown at the event, Mr X (11″L x 11″H x 6″W), and Tiki Beach (13.5″L x 7″H x 4″W). As an exclusive event offer, a free special-edition Tiki sunglass case was supplied with each bag purchased.
Event Poster
Mr. X Bag
Tiki Beach Bag

Tiki Design Sunglasses Case (gift with purchase):
Retro-A-Rama (2013)
Retro-A-Rama was a group art exhibition held at  M Modern Gallery from February 15th to March 10th, 2012. Shag contributed many prints and the acrylic on panel painting The Refill which shows the Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs, designed by Richard Neutra in 1946.

Mid-Century and Beyond (2014)
The Mid-Century and Beyond exhibition ran at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, California from the 14th to the 23rd February 2014 during Palm Springs Modernism Week. The opening reception for the Mid-Century and Beyond exhibition took place from 8pm to 11pm on February 14th 2014. The exhibition features top artists who have previously exhibited at the M Modern gallery including Josh Agle, Chris Reccardi, Lynne Naylor, Bosko, Michelle Bickford.

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