Josh Agle’s art books are an affordable way to see his past paintings. This page lists all of Shag’s published work in book or magazine form.

Media celebrity and low-brow artist Shag is popular with journalists so his magazine work is also listed below.

The publications below are split into art books by Josh Agle, art books that include his work, general Shag books, other books containing Shag’s work and general magazines. Also see the annual Tiki event blog post.

Please send me an e-mail if you know more books, magazines or catalogues that Shag has appeared in or provided work for.

Josh Agle Art Books

Title Edition Size Year Image
Shag Palm Springs

Cost: $500 (Luxury Edition), $ (Open Edition)

Size: 18.5″ x 12″ (Luxury Edition)

Author: David Wills
Publisher: Nailor Wills Publishing

Luxury Edition: 300 pages, fabric-covered clamshell box with a lenticular cover, exclusive signed and numbered 5-color serigraph print and a pair of white cotton gloves.

Luxury Limited edition of 333 copies in each of three colors – Orange, Purple, Turquoise.

333 Orange

333 Purple

333 Turquoise

Open (standard edition)

Supersonic Swingers: New Works by Shag (1st Edition)

  • Pages: 64
  • Publisher: Outré Gallery Press
  • ISBN 10: 0957768419
  • Original Cost: $15.00 USD
  • Size: 24cm x 29cm

Published in conjunction with the Supersonic Swingers exhibition at the Outré Gallery in Melbourne on Oct 20-Nov 20, 2000.

The hardback edition was limited to 300 copies, each with a coverplate numbered and signed by Shag.

300 signed hardback

4000 softback

Bottomless Cocktail: The Art of Shag

  • Pages: 96
  • Publisher: La Luz de Jesus Gallery/Last Gasp U.S.
  • ISBN 10: 0867195282
  • Original Cost: $24.95 USD (softback)
  • Size: 11cm x 9.1cm

The first printing of this book was in 2001 and includes sixty prints from 1997 to 2001 plus some early merchandising. The book includes an essay by Otto Von Stroheim and an interview with Shag by Janice Gore.

The 96-page hardcover was produced in a limited edition of 200, retailing for $40 USD.

A deluxe, signed, first-edition hardcover with a match-numbered limited-edition print set of Three Hipsters and Sydney and Samantha was produced with 150 copies for $450 USD.

150 print set

200 hardback

Open softback

Hedonist Confidential: New Paintings by Shag

  • Pages: 24
  • Publisher: Outré Gallery Press/Last Gasp U.S.
  • ISBN 10: 0957768435
  • Original Cost: $. USD
  • Size: 21cm x 21cm

Published in conjunction with the Hedonist Confidential exhibition held at the Sydney Opera House on May 6-May 12, 2002 and Outré Gallery in Melbourne on May 18-June 17, 2002.

1500 2002
Heroes & Monsters: New Works by Shag

  • Pages: 24
  • Publisher: Outré Gallery Press/Last Gasp U.S.
  • ISBN 10: 0975107836
  • Original Cost: $. USD
  • Size: 21cm x 21cm

Published in conjunction with the Heroes & Monsters exhibition held at the Sydney Opera House on Jan 30-Feb 24, 2004 and Outré Gallery in Melbourne on Feb 27-Mar 28, 2004.

Note that the first 50 copies were signed hardback, remarqued edition (contained an original Shag sketch) – examples shown to the right next to embossed hardback.

50 hardback

1450 softback


Shag, Ltd. Fine Art Limited Editions – A Catalogue Raisonné

  • Pages: 158
  • Publisher: Last Gasp U.S.
  • ISBN 10: 0867196467
  • Original Cost: $24.95 USD
  • Size: 28cm x 21cm

Published in conjunction with the Shag, Ltd. Fine Art Limited Editions exhibition at the Copro/Nason Gallery in Culver City, CA on Dec 3-Jan 21, 2005.

The exhibition and this book include the first 175 prints by Shag, from 1999 to 2005.

SHAG – signed “Shag, LTD.” limited edition bookplate – November 2005

In November 2005 a number of limited edition bookplates were created especially for Bud Plant Comic Art, illustrated and signed by Shag (see right). The bookplate measures 7.5″ x 5.5″.

6000 softcover

1000 hardcover

Shag: The Art of Josh Agle

  • Pages: 224
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books
  • ISBN 10: 081185096X
  • Original Cost: $. USD
  • Size: 25.7cm x 30.7cm

Hardcover coffee table book with over 180 pictures by Josh Agle.

A limited number of books for Bud Plant Comic Comic Art came with a custom bookplate signed by Shag.

Open 2005
Shag: The Art of Josh Agle Postcard Book

  • Pages: 30
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books
  • ISBN 10: 0811851869
  • Original Cost: $9.95 USD
  • Size: 10.4cm x 15cm

Thirty postcards of Josh Agle’s pictures.

Open 2006
Four Hands, the Drawings of Shag

  • Pages: 84
  • Publisher: Pelayo47 & Ediciones Balboa
  • ISBN 10: 0811851869
  • Original Cost: $20 USD (17.50 EUR)
  • Size: 15cm x 15cm

Published following the Four Hands: The Drawings of Shag exhibition at Galeria Pelayo47 in Madrid, Spain on May 17-Jun 23, plus new work created for the 2007 Feria Estampa of Madrid.

500 2008

Autumn’s Come Undone

  • Pages: 64
  • Publisher: Baby Tattoo Books
  • ISBN 10: 0979330734
  • Original Cost: $40 USD
  • Size: 24.9cm x 32.3cm

Published in conjunction with the Autumn’s Come Undone exhibition at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, CA on Nov 21-Dec 9 2009.

One hundred hardcover books were produced, each numbered and signed with a 30.5cm x 22.9cm inch signed print (A Discouraging Realisation), and each with a unique original watercolor painting on the cover.

The names of 12 out of the 100 original artworks are clear in the pictures to the right, which were painted for the book covers (e-mail me if you have another):

  1. Avoid Me
  2. Calamity
  3. Chaos
  4. Clutter
  5. Doubt
  6. Hunger
  7. Mind Control
  8. Progress
  9. September
  10. Sun Beam
  11. The Wilderness
  12. Vertigo.
100 signed and numbered hardback

Open hardback


Supersonic Swingers: Around the world with the art of Shag (2nd Edition)

  • Pages: 96
  • Publisher: Outré Gallery Press
  • ISBN 10: 0975107887
  • Original Cost: $17 USD
  • Size: 28cm x 23.1cm

This fully revised second edition of Supersonic Swingers was published in conjunction with the Outbound with the In-Crowd: Supersonic Swingers Revisited exhibition at the Outré Gallery. Melbourne, Perth & Sydney. Australia Nov 2-Nov 30, 2012.

Hardback edition limited to 250 copies, each supplied with the ‘Free Cocktails on all international flights’ print. Print has matching limited edition number to the book and is hand-signed by Shag.

250 hardback (signed with print)

Open softback

Shag: The Collected Works

  • Pages: 192
  • Publisher: AMMO Books
  • ISBN 10: 1623260949
  • Original Cost: $40 USD
  • Size: 23cm x 31cm

The collected works serves as the latest curated catalogue of Josh Agle’s work.

Open 2016

Group Art Books

Title Edition Size Year Image
The Lives of Lowbrow Artists: Volume 1

Interviews with Shag, Tim Biskup, Miles Thompson, Derek Yaniger and Brandi Milne.

Published in August 2020.

Open  2020
Taboo: The Art of Tiki

  • Pages: 96
  • Publisher: Last Gasp
  • ISBN 10: 0646377310
  • Original Cost: $ USD
  • Size: 22.2cm x 24.1cm

Art book from over thirty artists (including Shag) with an introduction by Sven Kirsten.

The 225 hardback copies contain a numbered bookplate that is signed by Mark Ryden and Shag.

225 hardback (signed by Shag and Mark Ryden)

2500 softback


Night Of The Tiki: The Art of Shag, Schmaltz, and Selected Primitive Oceanic Carvings

  • Pages: 100
  • Publisher: Last Gasp
  • ISBN 10: 0867196459
  • Original Cost: $49.95 USD
  • Size: 28.7cm x 21.3cm

Coffee table book exploring the work of Shag and Leroy Schmaltz, and the oceanic art that influenced them both.

A limited edition of 300 included signatures from Douglas A Nason, Shag and Leroy Schmaltz (signature page shown right).


300 Limited Softback

Open Softback


  • Pages: 144
  • Publisher: Outré Gallery Press
  • ISBN 10: 0975107801
  • Original Cost: $20 USD ($25 AUD)
  • Size: 23.5cm x 25.4cm

Pop culture look at beatnik history and artwork (including Shag). Edited by Martin McIntosh with an essay by Domenic Priore.

A limited hardback edition of 300 copies were produced and signed by Josh Agle, Tim Biskup, and Domenic Priore (signed card shown right).

Open (Softback) 2003
Tiki Art Now!: A Volcanic Eruption of Art

  • Pages: 88
  • Publisher: Last Gasp, U.S
  • ISBN 10: 0867196270
  • Original Cost: $ USD
  • Size: 20.5cm x 25.5 cm

The Shooting Gallery and Tiki News unveiled ‘Tiki Art Now!’ on September 17, 2004. It is a collection of work by over 60 Tiki artists (including Shag).

Open 2004
Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art

  • Pages: 156
  • Publisher: Last Gasp
  • ISBN 10: 0867196181
  • Original Cost: $39.95 USD
  • Size: 26.7cm x 26.7cm

The Pop Surrealism book offers a comprehensive survey of the movement featuring work from twenty-three artists including Shag.

Open 2005
Tiki Art Two: The Second Coming of a New Art God

  • Pages: 112
  • Publisher: 9mm Books
  • ISBN 10: 0976632578
  • Original Cost: $ USD
  • Size: 25.3cm x 20.4cm

The Shooting Gallery and Tiki News unveiled ‘Tiki Art Two’ on September 16, 2005.

Open 2005
The Wild Kingdom Of Yumiko Kayukawa

  • Pages: 124
  • Publisher: 9mm Books
  • ISBN 10: 097663256X
  • Original Cost: $ USD
  • Size: 26cm x 26cm

This book showcases Kayukawa’s work from 2001 – 2005. Forward by Shag.

Open 2005
Tiki Art Now Volume 3

  • Pages: 64
  • Publisher: SLG Publishing
  • ISBN 10: 1593620632
  • Original Cost: $ USD
  • Size: 25.4cm x 21.3cm

Otto von Stroheim’s third chronicle of contemporary Tiki art including Shag. The book was launched at the Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle in September 2006. 

Open 2006
On Tender Hooks: The Art of Isabel Samaras

  • Pages: 160
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books
  • ISBN 10: 0811866041
  • Original Cost: US$35/US$250
  • Size: 24.8cm x 25.4 cm

Pop surrealist Isabel Samaras’ first solo art book includes her beautiful, sexy, cult art. The witty paintings are supported by a three-way interview between Samaras, The Pizz, and Shag in addition to an erotic short story by Lucy Blue and commentary from art writer Colin Berry and controversial ex-owner of White Walls Gallery, Justin Giarla.

A limited edition book and print set was released in 2008 with a 8”x10” signed and numbered giclée print called Honey Dripper (Goldilocks and the Three Bears). The one hundred copies retailed for US$250.

Open/100 2009


Tiki Mugs: Cult Artifacts of Polynesian Pop

  • Pages: 176
  • Publisher: Korero Books LLP
  • ISBN 10: 0955339812
  • Original Cost: $ USD
  • Size: 22.9cm x 25.4cm

A beautiful book on Tiki Mugs by Jay Strongman. It includes Shag’s work from pages 148-155.

Open 2009
Blab World No.1

  • Pages: 128
  • Publisher: Last Gasp, U.S
  • ISBN 10: 0867197463
  • Original Cost: $24.99 USD
  • Size: 25.4cm x 25.4cm

Compiled by Monte Beauchamp and Bill North this is the first issue in hardback form that replaced Blab! magazine.

Open 2010
Delusional: The Story of the Jonathan LeVine Gallery

  • Pages: 192
  • Publisher: Gingko Press
  • ISBN 10: 158423458X
  • Original Cost: $34.95 USD
  • Size: 8.8″ x 11″

This book details the story of The Jonathan LeVine Gallery which launched in New York City in 2005. Josh Agle rates four pages within this book, the first page with a quote and License to Peep image, the second with a Voyeur Exhibition photograph, the third the Sea Shanties painting, and the fourth The Infestation painting.

Open 2012

Shag’s General Books

Title Edition Size Year Image
Jojo and Lolo Throw a Birthday Party

Cost: £30

Shag illustrated children’s book written by Glen Agle. 24 10″x11″ pages with detailed illustrations.

Jojo and Lolo make preparations for a big party in their owners’ lavish mid-century party pad, then join in the action-filled celebration when their many dog guests arrive!

Open 2021
Tiki Drinks

  • Pages: 64
  • Publisher: Surrey Books
  • ISBN 10: 1572840366
  • Original Cost: $13 USD
  • Size: 18.4cm x 14.6cm

Small format book containing seventy cocktails by Adam Rocke with illustrations by Shag.

Open 2000
Shag Party: Cocktails and Appetizers to Seduce and Entertain

  • Pages: 64
  • Publisher: Surrey Books
  • ISBN 10: 1572840439
  • Original Cost: $ USD
  • Size: 18.4cm x 14.6cm

Adam Rocke plans eight different parties including both cocktail recipes and corresponding appetisers. Shag provides the illustrations throughout the book.

Open 2002
Shag’s Around the World in 80 Drinks: Cocktails from Athens to Zanzibar

  • Pages: 80
  • Publisher: Surrey Books
  • ISBN 10: 1572840501
  • Original Cost: $ USD
  • Size: 18.6cm x 14.7cm

A world-tour of cocktail culture from Adam Rocke with illustrations from Shag. The book includes thirty four-colour spreads of Shag’s art along with eighty of Adam Rocke’s cocktails.

Open 2003
Shag’s Zodiac: Offbeat Adventures in Astrology

  • Pages: 64
  • Publisher: Surrey Books
  • ISBN 10: 1572840676
  • Original Cost: $20 USD
  • Size: 18.4cm x 14.5cm

A light-hearted overview of astrological signs with Shag’s artwork throughout. Each sign has a two-page image along with four pages of text and smaller artwork.

Open 2004
Shag’s Jive Journal: Pages to Let Your Pen Run Wild

  • Pages: 144
  • Publisher: Surrey Books
  • ISBN 10: 1572840714
  • Original Cost: $ USD
  • Size: 20.2cm x 16.1cm

One hundred and twenty-six empty lined pages interspersed with eighteen pages of Shag’s artwork. This book has a spiral lay-flat binding and an elastic strap to hold it closed. The front title and rear details are on stickers so can be easily peeled off to leave an attractive journal.

Open 2004
Shag’s Tiki Drinks Deck: 52 drinks to shake your way to paradise

  • Pages: 54
  • Publisher: Surrey Books
  • ISBN 10: 1572840633
  • Original Cost: $ USD
  • Size: 14.5cm x 9.7cm

A box containing fifty-two laminated cocktail recipe cards, each with a Shag illustration on the front and instructions on the back. The Tiki drink recipes are provided by mixologist Adam Rocke and the illustrations by artist Shag. The box includes the 52 recipe cards and six cocktail umbrellas.

Open 2004

Pink Panther Cocktail Party Deck: 52 Pink-a-licious Drinks to Seduce and Entertain

  • Recipe cards: 52
  • Publisher: Surrey Books
  • ISBN 10: 1572840730
  • Original Cost: $14.95 USD
  • Size: 10cm x 15cm

This box contains fifty-two recipe cards created by Adam Rocke with illustrations from Shag. This deck was created for the 40th anniversary of the Pink Panther.

Open 2004
Pink Panther Cocktail Party: Pink-a-licious Drinks to Seduce and Entertain

  • Pages: 68
  • Publisher: Virgin Books
  • ISBN 10: 1852272945
  • Original Cost: $20 USD
  • Size: 17.3cm x 20.4cm

This book was written to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Pink Panther. The book contains eighty-five cocktails, an abundance of pink-panther themed Shag artwork and a CD of music. The sampler CD has music from the “Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party“.

Open 2005
Shag’s Little Book of Love: Dating, Mating, and Mischief Making

  • Pages: 80
  • Publisher: Surrey Books
  • ISBN 10: 157284079X
  • Original Cost: $20 USD
  • Size: 17.4cm x 14cm

Author Eve Lederman (Letters from my Sister, Shag’s Zodiac) has created a humorous guide to love and romance with illustrations by Shag.

Open 2005
The Pink Panther Entertains: Food, Drink and Games Plans for Purrfect Parties

  • Pages: 70
  • Publisher: Surrey Books
  • ISBN 10: 1572840803
  • Original Cost: $ USD
  • Size: 20.2cm x 16.5cm

This book has Josh Agle illustrations and seven party ideas from Lisa Skolnik and Adam Rocke. Along with each party idea, are included a dozen cocktail recipies, appetiser suggestions, buffet food guidance and ideas for games and gifts.

Open 2006
Shag: A to Z

  • Pages: 32
  • Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
  • ISBN 10: 1560978856
  • Original Cost: $14.95 USD
  • Size: 26.2cm x 26.2cm

Twenty-six original Shag paintings, one for each letter of the alphabet. Each painting has a short verse written by Shag.

The twenty-six images from the book have been individually released as limited edition prints (with a little adjustment for formatting) from 2000 to 2017. The full set of 26 prints were also made available in 2017.

Open 2008
Shag’s Cocktail Compendium

  • Pages: 36
  • Publisher: Pieter Agle
  • ISBN 10: N/A
  • Original Cost: $495 USD (cocktail collection set)
  • Size: cm x cm

This thirty-six-page recipe book is part of the Cocktail Collection boxed set along with twelve two-color hand-pulled serigraphs. The recipes in the Cocktail Compendium booklet were created by Rory Snyder and the artwork was supplied by Shag.

200 (+30 APs+3 PPs)* 2013

Jojo and Lolo Throw a Birthday Party

Josh Agle illustrated his wife’s Glen Agle’s first children’s book “Jojo and Lolo Throw a Birthday Party”.

The book signing and release party was on Sunday October 17 2021 at the Shag Store.

The 24-page color book is published by Nailor/Wills.

Open 2021

Other Books/Booklets

Title Edition Size Year Image
Color Ink Book – The DIY Art Periodical – Volume 21 (November 2013)

Size: 22cm x 28cm

Original Cost: $10 USD

A Brothers Washburn Publication with cover and artwork by Shag. This adult colouring book also includes artwork by Jenn & Tony Bot, Jim Mahfood, Jon Chase, Jon Paul Kaiser, Luchuk, Sugar Fueled and Todd Marrone. Softcover with 109 pages.

A cover variant option named Holiday Yeti was also produced at the same size, content and cost.

Open 2013
Doris Danger – Giant Monster Adventures

Original Cost: $9.95 USD

Size: 13.5cm x 21.1cm (96 pages)

The book cover is by Shag.

Open 2009
Ukulele, The Method: Easy Musical Jubilation

Ukulele, The Dictionary: Over 600 Historical Chords

Shag’s art is used on the cover of these two French booklets on Ukulele playing, written by Cyril LeFebvre.

Ukulele, The Method: The first booklet of the “easy, musical, jubilant” method includes basic notions about the ukulele and the study of eighteen pieces that show different playing techniques and accompaniment in varied styles.

  • Know your uke
  • Holding the ukulele
  • tuning
  • The first lesson
  • The easy uke
  • Scoring systems
  • The pieces

Ukulele, The Dictionary: The second booklet is a complete chord dictionary (more than 600 positions) along with a history of the ukulele embellished with many unpublished documents.

  • The story
  • Agreements
  • The banjolele
  • The lexic
  • The ropes
  • Some heroes
  • Ukulélérama

Along with these eighty ages, an accompanying CD is also available.

Open 2008
The Education of Robert Nifkin by Daniel Pinkwater

  • Pages: 192
  • Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
  • ISBN 10: 0618552081
  • Original Cost: $12 USD
  • Size: 5″ x 7″

The front cover art for this book is by Shag.

$12 USD 2005
Desert Polynesia: A Tiki Weekend in Palm Springs

  • Pages: 28
  • Publisher: Palm Springs Preservation Foundation
  • ISBN 10: n/a
  • Original Cost: $20 USD
  • Size: 28.2cm x 21.8cm

This booklet was designed by M.J.Knappen with front cover art from Shag.

The Desert Polynesia image was released as a poster  at the 2002 Palm Springs Modernism Show as a larger limited edition 15-colour hand-pulled serigraph in 2003.

$20 USD 2002
Open 2009

Films & DVDs

Title Edition Size Year Image
My Name is Lopez


Born in Dallas of undocumented Mexican immigrants, Trinidad Lopez III fought his way out of the ghetto with a guitar to become a true American rock and roll legend, one of the first Latino rock stars.

Cover art by Shag.

Open 2022
Nate and Jeremiah By Design

Episode: Carrie Bradshaw meets The Jetsons (series 1, episode 8)

Part of the episode was filmed at the Shag Store in Palm Springs. In addition, Shag donated a large original painting for the apartment restoration. See before and after in 3D on the TLC website.

The acrylic paint on canvas original painting is called Welcome To Our Glorious Lifestyle and measures 96″ by 35″. It was first shown in 2007 at the Conspicuous Consumption Exhibition at Billy Shire Fine Arts Gallery. The huge painting is inspired by the Peter Sellers’ film The Party.

The show aired on June 3rd 2017.

N/A 2017
The DVD of Tiki – Volume 1: Paradise Lost – The Rise and Fall of Backyard Polynesia

Length: 95 minutes

Format: SD NTSC Color

The DVD of Tiki explores the origins of the myth of the South Seas paradise and traces the journey of Tiki culture from the puritan 1950’s to the sexually free 1970’s. The DVD includes Martin Denny, Leroy Schmaltz, Bob van Oosting, Eric Askew, Sven Kirsten, Otto von Stroheim, The Bali Hai Boys, Beachbum Berry, and Josh Agle. Directed by Jochen Hirschfeld and Schlango, narration by King Kukulele, and an original score by Sebastian Hartmann.

Open 2012
Palm Swings Movie Poster

2017 comedy written by Amanda Lockhart and directed by Sean Hoessli.

Film poster by Shag.

Limited 2011
55 Years of Music Magic, 2-Disc Collector’s Limited Edition Release

This DVD released for the Disneyland Alumni Club includes the entire Magical Music Event show from July 17th, 2010.

See the 2011 Limited Edition Prints page for the 55 Years of Music Magic Set.

Limited 2011
New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art DVD

This DVD includes an interview with Josh Agle.

The Sophisticated Misfit: The Art and World of Shag DVD

Published in 2007 by Smee Entertainment this DVD is 59 minutes long. The DVD was only produced for region 1 (NTSC).

Open 2007
Pink Panther 40th Anniversary DVD Boxed Set 2004
Shag With a Twist DVD

The “Shag with a Twist” show is described as an experience of evocative music and dance. The Shag-created characters find themselves involved in a murder mystery which takes place at a Tupperware Party. The wacky performance harkens back to an era of optimism — at time of cocktail lounges; fashionable living; and innovative design and architecture inspired by the “Atomic Age.”

“Shag with a Twist” is a creative collaboration between artist Josh Agle and choreographer/director Cindy Bradley. This Special DVD was produced with the Shag team with Behind the Scenes interviews and a look at the show.

Open 2005
Pink Panther 40th Anniversary Special Edition DVD Boxed Set 2004  


Title Edition Size Year Image
Exotica Moderne Issue 15

Shag illustrated the cover and features in an article with his Palm Springs house.

May 2022

Open 2022
CA Modern Magazine

The cover art commissioned for the CA Modern Magazine was released as a limited edition serigraph called The Feline Fanatic.

Fall 2021

Open 2021
Horror Hound

May/June 2021

Open 2021
The Guide (Palm Spring Life)

April 2021

Open 2021
Westways Magazine

January/February 2019

Westways magazine provides over 10 million AAA members with travel, automotive and lifestyle information. The first magazine in 2019 had three Shag covers which together are a montage of the 2018 print On a Sunday Morning. The issues are for San Diego (left), Los Angelas (center), and Orange County (right).

A free poster of the full illustration was given away by The Shag Stores to any visitor bringing in one of the magazines.

Open 2019
OC Weekly Magazine

September 2018

Featuring Shag artwork on the cover and a Tiki bar article on pages 9 to 12.

See full magazine on the OC Weekly Digitial Editions Site.

Open 2018
TravelHost Magazine – May/June 2018

Cover artwork by Shag

See full magazine on Issuu website.

Open 2018
Greater Palm Springs Pride Magazine

November 2017

Open 2017
beach Magazine – Fall 2017

Shag was a student at California State University Long Beach and in this issue of their alumni association magazine, he discusses his art and journey. See the beach website to read the article on Shag, watch an interview, and see some cool animated graphics.

Open 2017
Atomic Ranch – Fall 2017

The atomic ranch magazine includes an advert for the Shag Store.

Open 2017
Glory Days – Issue 13

Autumn 2016

Cover artwork and article by Shag.

Open 2016
Frontiers – vol. 34 no. 25

March/April 2016

Exclusive cover artwork by Shag.

To read the magazine, open the following pdf link – Frontiers vol. 34 no. 25

Open 2016

March 2016

Article featuring Shag.

The digital edition of this magazine is available free to read on the Angeleno Digital Edition Site.

Open 2016
Tiki Magazine & More – Issue 8

Winter 2015/Spring 2016

Issue 8 of the Tiki Magazine & More included an unlimited poster by Shag.

Open 2015/
The Guide (Greater Palm Springs) – June 2014

Cover by Shag (clipped version of the 2011 print The Refill).

Open 2014
Modern in Denver – Summer 2012

The Summer 2012 issue of Modern in Denver contains an article on Shag.

Open 2014
The Standard – November 2013 (volume 1 – issue 11)

In addition to the Shag cover, there is a two page Q&A article with Shag inside plus a Shag Store advert.

Open 2013
CA Modern – Summer 2013

Cover by Shag and article on mid-century modern art.

Open 2013
The Bottom Line – February 2012

Cover by Shag (clipped version of the 2011 print Palm Springs After Noon).

Open 2012
Bizzare – August 2010

Tiki issue with “pin-up queen” Sabina using Shag’s Vice Tester machine, plus an article by Shag.

Open 2010
Vegas Seven – June 17-23 2010

Original Cost: Free

Cover by Shag plus Seven Questions article on page 100.

View the Vegas Seven magazine for free on the Digital Editions website.

Open 2010
CA Modern – Spring 2009

Cover by Shag and article on mid-century modern art. Click here to read the Shag article.

Open 2009
Bachelor Pad Magazine – Issue 6, Winter 2008

Includes an article on Shag.

Released in 2008.

Open 2008
Doris Danger seeks Where Urban Creatures Creep and Stomp!

Published by Salt Peter Press

Cover art by Shag. Note that a cropped version of the Shag image was used on the novel Doris Danger – Giant Monster Adventures.

Released in July 2007.

Open 2007
Vurb – Summer 2007

Fold out cover by Shag (clipped version of the 2013 print The Faux Pas) plus Shag on the state of the mid-mod movement article.

Open 2007
Tiki Magazine – vol. 2 no. 2

Original Cost: $4.95 USD

September 2006

With Josh Agle as featured artist in Welcome to Shag’s World.

Open 2006
Palm Springs Life – February 2006

Original Cost: $5.95 USD

Cover art by Shag plus 12 pages of illustrations in the Single in the Desert section.

The cover poster is still available on the Palm Springs Life magazine’s website priced at $79.

Open 2006
Orange Coast – January 2006

Original Cost: $3.95 USD

On page 77 there is a short piece on Shag’s and his dog Baxter.

You can read a PDF of this issue on the Orange Coast magazine website.

Open 2006
Buzz – September 2005

Interview with Shag

Open 2005
Juxtapoz – July/August 2005 – Issue #57

Article with Shag.

Open 2005
Variety Magazine – April 2005

Article on Disneylands 50th anniversary.

Open 2005
The Bottom Line – February 2005

Cover by Shag.

Open 2005
Juxtapoz Issue 44 – May/June 2003

Includes article Custom Shag Guitars.

Open 2003
OC Weekly No. 50 – August 16-22 2002

Includes Shagadelic article about Josh Agle.

To read the cover story please click the following pdf link – shag_cover_story.

Open 2002
Islands – July/August 2002

Original Cost: $3.95 USD

Includes Tiki Visions article about Josh Agle on pages 18 to 19.

The magazine can be viewed as a PDF on the Islands Magazine website.

Open 2002
Desert Outlook – 2002

Cover by Shag.

Open 2002
Desert Guide – 2002

Cover by Shag (Palm Springs Weekend picture).

Open 2002
Razorcake Issue 6 – February/March 2002

Shag interview by Kat Jetson.

Open 2002
Barracuda Issue 10 – 2001

Original Cost: $3.50 USD

Cover and article by Shag.

A postcard was also available, see Ephemera page.

Open 2001
Juxtapoz Issue 33 – July/August 2001

Includes article ‘Learn to Paint like Shag’.

Open 2001
Scoot! Quarterly – Summer 2001

Cover by Shag plus article ‘Scooter Art II’.

Open 2001
Juxtapoz No. 26 – May/June 2000

Original Cost: $4.95 USD

Article by Shag.

Open 2000
Tiki News #17 – March 2000

Original Cost: $7.95 USD

Cover art by Shag.

Open 2000
Art Alternatives – issue 9 – 2000

Original Cost: $9.95 USD

103 pages focusing on lowbrow and underground comix artists. This is the last issue that was produced.

Article on Shag.

Open 2000
Tiki News #2 – 1995

Cover art by Shag – Inside the Tiki Room II.

Open 1995
Swamp Zombies Press Pack Open
Swamp Zombies Comics – Spring 1989

The “Fink” Band Bio Illustrated

Open 1989
Swamp Tails Issue 4

A flyer in the form of a comic to advertise the  Swamp Zombies concerts in 1987.

Open 1987
Swamp Tails Issue 3

A flyer in the form of a comic to advertise three  Swamp Zombies concerts in September 1986.

Open 1986


Title Edition Size Year Image
Thats’ From Disneyland! Catalog

Size: 11″ x 8.5″ (over 302 pages)

Cost US$75 (PB)/US$95 (HB)

Van Eaton Galleries catalog for the July 2018 That’s from Disneyland! auction of almost 800 items.

Available in hardback (LE) and softback.

PB Open

HB Limited

Collecting Disneyland Catalog

Size: 11.7″ x 8.5″ (273 pages)

Cost US$49.50 (PB)/US$95 (HB)

Van Eaton Galleries catalog for the November 2015 Collecting Disneyland auction of over 1000 items.

Available in hardback (limited edition of 300 copies) and softback.

PB Open

HB Limited Edition of 300

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room 50th Anniversary Merchandise Catalogue

Event catalogue for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room from June 28th-29th 2013.

Shags 2013 prints The Birds Sing and Tropical Hideaway are shown along with the Enchanted Tiki Room Postcard Set.

Open 2013
Last Gasp Publishing and Distribution – New Books 2013 Catalogue

Josh Agle’s Supersonic Swingers is shown in this catalogue.

Open 2013
Vader Project Auction Catalogue

One hundred artists were given replica Darth Vader helmets to alter, paint and customise. These helmets travelled through eight exhibitions over three countries (US, England and Japan) from May 2007 to May 2009. In 2010 the helmets were auctioned at Freeman’s auction house in Philadelphia.

The catalogue is available via Amazon (and other outlets)

Open 2010  
Forever Fullerton: Julius Shulman Exhibition Booklet

Size: 8″ by 8″

Fourteen page booklet for the the exhibition of architectural photographer Julius Shulman on April 4th to July 19th 2009 at the Fullerton Museum Center, CA.

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Catalogue

Size: 25.4 x 15.2cm

Disneyland resort catalogue showing available merchandise.

Everywhere Catalog

Size: 8.5″ x 8.5″

Catalogue from the Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery show in June 2005.

Introduction by Peter Frank and includes artists:
  • Josh Agle
  • Gary Baseman
  • Tim Biskup
  • Marcel Dzama
  • James Marshall
  • Camille Rose Garcia
  • Friends With You
  • Mark Ryden
Open 2005
House Industries Catalogue No. 32 – Shag Font Collection

Size: 21cm x 28cm – 34 pages

Free 2004
Fender Frontline 2003 Open 2003  

Older Prints (Pre-1999)

Title Edition Size Year Image
Have a Bone, but Don’t Use It Print

The Have a Bone, but Don’t Use It print (named DOGGONE. on the print itself) measures 9″ wide by 23.5″ tall. It was released as part of a very limited edition of just six prints in 1990 by Josh Agle for a final project while studying art at Cal State Long Beach.

The six prints were given as gifts to some of his friends. The print is numbered and signed Josh Agle.

6 1990