The Twelve Seasons of Ptolemy Exhibition

The Twelve Seasons of Ptolemy: The Zodiac According to Shag exhibition at the La Fiambrera Art Gallery in Madrid, Spain ran from the 2nd March to the 1st April 2018. La Fiambrera (Spanish for Lunch Box) is a gallery dedicated to illustration, a specialist bookstore, and an event space. The Twelve Stations Of Ptolemy Folio was released in 2003 as a portfolio of twelve prints (as shown on the exhibition poster) based on astrological signs. The original Twelve Stations of Ptolemy exhibition ran at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, California from the 5th to the 28th September 2003. The show included 12 originals paintings corresponding to the 12 signs of the zodiac. A limited edition Twelve Stations Folio was produced for the show including serigraph prints of the twelve paintings.

This 2018 Twelve Stations of Ptolemy exhibition shows the twelve original acrylic and vinyl paint on wood board paintings in addition to other original artwork and limited edition prints. The twelve original paintings are:

Aries, Adventurous and Energetic (22″ x 26″)
Taurus, Placid and Persistent (22″ x 26″)
Gemini, Eloquent and Intellectual (22″ x 26″)
Cancer, Intuitive and Sympathetic (22″ x 26″)
Leo, Faithful and Loving (22″ x 26″)
Virgo, Modest and Meticulous (22″ x 26″)
Libra, Idealistic and Urbane (22″ x 26″)
Scorpio, Determined and Forceful (22″ x 26″)
Sagittarius, Optimistic and Jovial  (22″ x 26″)
Capricorn, Ambitious and Prudent (22″ x 26″)
Aquarius, Honest and Inventive (22″ x 26″)
Pisces, Selfless and Sympathetic (22″ x 26″)

A limited edition Twelve Stations Folio was produced from the twelve original artworks back in 2003. The boxed collection of twelve serigraphs is signed and number in an edition size of 200 (plus 30 artist proofs and 10 printer proofs). The serigraph prints measure 16″ by 14.5″. Some prints will be available at this exhibition.

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