The Shag Jacket by Devel

In April 2016,  Danielle Gardner, the designer behind Devel Men & Women, collaborated with Josh Agle to produce the Shag Jacket. Danielle describes her design collaboration in her blog post of April 28, 2016. I have copied the photographs below for interest but please visit the original post for more details.

Danielle interviewed Josh for issue 13 of the magazine Glory Days (Autumn 2016) where he agreed to work together on a lightweight, statement smoking jacket. The jacket is a bold, mid-century modern, and very wearable piece of Shag’s art. The pockets were created to appear as a fireplace and couch within the front lounge scene on the jacket.

The jacket is made from cotton and linen, perfect for Californian art openings. Other artwork provided party images to be added as details to the jacket. The lapels, cuffs, and button were all made from matt black satin, in reference to the frames on Shag’s work. Shag can be seen in front of the Welcome To Our Glorious Lifestyle painting below.

The photo shoot with Danielle and Josh Agle at the West Hollywood Shag Store showed off the jacket against stunning Shag artwork.

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