The Party Crashers Exhibition

The Party Crashers exhibition ran at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, California from the 8th to the 31st January 1999. This solo exhibition of Josh Agle’s work included twenty original acrylic and vinyl paint on wooden board paintings.

The twenty paintings by Josh Agle exhibited at the Party Crashers exhibition were as follows:

The Ghost Of Augie Colon (24″x20″)
The Chemistry Lesson (24″x18″)
The Pimp (24″x18″)
The Drunk Waiter (30″x22″)
Franz Kafka, Swinger (23″x18.5″)
A Case Of On-The-Job Drinking (16″x14″)
The Spoiled Evening (26″x20″)
The Brave, Brave Man (15.5″x27.5″)
The Return Of The Pink Elephant (26″x20″)
The Piper (10″x14.5″)
The Farce (20″x16″)
The Salesman (10″x13.5″)
Pride In A Job Well Done (26″x15″)
Mob Ties (26″x18″) – $1000
The Uninvited Guests (18″x24″)
The Piano Bar (18″x24″)
In Praise Of Kustome Kulture (24″x12″)
Dino’s Dinner (48″x20″)
Headhunter In The City (20″x16″)
The Perils Of Trying Too Hard (20″x16″)

Seen Again

Seen again in 2021 – Mob Ties:

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