The Merchant of Menace Exhibition

The Merchant of Menace exhibition at The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, California ran from June 9th to July 7th 2007. The show of Josh Agle’s work included nine original paintings, eight digital prints, an exclusive show print, and twenty artist proof prints. The show was curated by Shooting Gallery owner Justin Giarla.

The nine acrylic paint on wood panel original paintings are shown below.
Il Ballatoio (16″x24″)
Caliban (18″x28″)
Danish Moderns (16″ x 32″)
Green Nude with Bust of Shakespeare (11″ x16″)
Red Nude with Bust of Shakespeare (11″ x16″)
On The Heath (14″ x24″)
The Long Nap (16″ x 24″)
The Queen’s Bathroom (16″ x 38″)
Nick Bottom (24″ x 28″)

Eight beautiful archival digital print on canvas nudes were displayed at the exhibition. The eight were hand signed and numbered two out of a very limited edition of five. All eight prints are sized 40” by 40”.

The original acrylic paint on wood panel printing named The Queens Bathroom measures 43.9″ by 21.9″ (framed)/38″ by 16″ (painting). The exclusive show print for The Merchant of Menace exhibition is named The Queens Bathroom. This ten-color serigraph print measures 28″ by 15″ and is hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 150. The first image below is the original painting, the second image is the exclusive print (note the differenced made for the printing process, the third and fourth picture are of the original (ignore the color differences caused by different lighting).

Twenty artist proofs of limited edition prints were shown at the exhibition, each hand signed and numbered by Shag.
Blue Miles
Calypso 1&2
Cocktail Delivery
The Coolest Ghouls
Cryptozoological Species of North America
The Discerning Guests
Doctor Scorpio’s Lair
The Effects Of Space Radiation On Man-In-The-Moon Marriages
The Game Of Life
The Gift
The Heavenly Host
The Hideaway
Inside The Volcano
J is for Jetsetter
Kava Kava Man
Kind Of Blue
London Luau
Night Birds
One Enchanted Evening
Rose Seidler’s House

And here are a few shots from The Merchant of Menace exhibition.

Postscript: A sighting of the original painting Caliban in 2019:
And also in 2019, one of the five Violet prints:

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