The Immoderates Exhibition

The Immoderates: Paintings from Palm Springs exhibition at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, California ran from February 10th to March 11th 2007. The show included twelve original acrylic paint on canvas paintings and one new limited edition print.
The largest painting on display at The Immoderates exhibition was The Faux Pas which measured 97″ by 33″ and sold for US$33,000:

The next pair of paintings at 48″ by 20″ and costing US$14,000 each are The Trespassers and The Insolent Swan:

The Trespassers
The Insolent Swan

The Immoderates exhibition included six new 30″ by 24″ acrylic paint on canvas paintings at US$9,500:
The Stapler
The Fish Monger
Rib Eye
The Can Opener
The Immoderates
The Freshener

Three smaller 20″ by 15″ acrylic paint on canvas paintings were shown at The Immoderates exhibition costing US$5,500:
Desert Shower
Hummingbird Nocturne
Lost Tortoise

A sixteen color serigraph print of The Immoderates, sized 29″ by 23″, was available in a signed and numbered limited edition of 250 copies.

Seen Again
Rib Eye in August 2023 – auctioned by John Moran Auction for $17,500:

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