The Coolest Ghouls Exhibition

The Forbidden Gallery in Dallas, Texas held The Coolest Ghouls solo exhibition of Josh Agle’s work from September 22nd to October 28th 2001. The show included six original paintings by Shag in addition to several rare artist proofs of limited edition serigraph prints.

The six original acrylic and vinyl paint on wood panel paintings are as follows:
The Coolest Ghouls (15″ x 20″)
The Ancient Bartender (13″ x 24″)
Frankenstein’s Bride (13″ x 16″)
The Devil’s Good, You Silly Bean (14″ x 19″)
The Melancholy Wolfman (12″ x 28″)
The Haunted Organ (15″ x 26″)

The show poster was produced as a seven-color exclusive serigraph called The Coolest Ghouls. The print measures 22” by 27” and was produced in a limited edition of 200 copies (plus 30 artist proofs).

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