Supersonic Swingers Exhibition

The Supersonic Swingers exhibition ran at the Outré Gallery in Melbourne, Australia from October 20th to November 20th 2000. This solo exhibition of Josh Agle’s work included twenty-one original paintings and a book cataloging the show.

The twenty one original acrylic and vinyl paint on wooden panel paintings at the Supersonic Swingers exhibition were as follows.

Idol Conversation (17″ X 31″)
Rubella Misses His Ride (14″ x 21″)
The Impossible View (14″ x 30″)
The Yanomami Hunter (18″ x 37″),
Bourbon Street Funeral (14″ x 48″)
Napoleon Underground (16″ x 45″)
The Sky Lounge (22″ x 48″)
Mallorca: Dr. Scorpio’s Lair (22″ x 48″)
Sylvie et Jules (16″ x 20″)
The Stalemate (17″ x 20″)
Self Portrait With Flair Bird (15″ x 20″)
Bird Rocker (16″ x 24″)
The Sneak (12″ X 20″)
The Elegant Thief (21″ x 35″)
Three Eligible Bachelors (11″ x 22″)
The Last Days of Kahiki (17″ x 27″)
Jungle Dowrey (17″ x 27″)
Kokeshi Atomu (17″ x 22″)
Five Planets (17″ x 24″)
The Madonna of Mai Kai (14″ x 20″)
Oktoberfiasco (18″ x 30″)

The first edition of the Supersonic Swingers: New Works by Shag book was published in 2000 by Outré Gallery Press. The 64-page book was initially released as a hardback limited edition of 300 copies, each with a cover plate hand numbered and signed by Shag. The book was then published as a softback in a limited edition of 4000 copies for $15 USD.

2020 sighting of Three Eligible Bachelors:

The Impossible View sighted on eBay in 2021 (listed for $15,000):

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