Renault Modus

Renault introduced the Modus in September 2004 and phased it out in February 2012. The Modus was a mini-MPV marketed as “a higher-range alternative to the Twingo and Clio”.

In 2005, Josh Agle was asked by Renault importer Volvo Cars Norway to decorate a Modus in his distinctive style prior to its countrywide launch in May. The car, with artwork designed by Shag, was unveiled at a launch party on Thursday 12th May at the Grand Café in Oslo (part of Oslo’s Grand Hotel).

Elle magazine gave away this one of a kind, Shag decorated Renault Modus as part of the campaign. Hopefully, the new owners have taken care this unique piece of art since they won it in 2005.


Six free postcards by Shag with the Renault Modus on were available at Renault dealerships around Norway alongside the Modus.

This was a strong commercial advertising campaign by Josh Agle, supporting the introduction of the Renault Modus to Norway with professional graphics on a large car-wrapping scale. As well as the launch party with a three-day show at the Grand Café, and coverage in Elle magazine, there was extensive coverage on Aftenposten, P4 and TV2 Entertainment. 


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