People in the City Exhibition

The People in the City exhibition was held at the Earl McGrath Gallery in New York from 7th November 2002 to January 18th 2003 (extended from a planned end date of December 14th 2002). This solo exhibition of Josh Agle’s work included eighteen original paintings and one exclusive show print.

The eighteen new acrylic and vinyl paint on wooden panel original paintings are:
In The Diamond District (21″ x 26″)
The Masquerade (24″ x 38″)
A Trustfund Casualty (34″ x 48″)
The Sociable Theif (21″ x 26″)
The Spirits (17″ x 39″)
The Sophisticated Misfits (30″ x 48″)
Luncheon In The Grass (24″ x 37″)
America’s Most Collected Living Artist (34″ x 48″)
The Long Couch (22″ x 48″)
It Is Certain (18″ x 30″)
The Scene of the Crime (21″ x 48″)
Tropic of Cancer (14″ x 18″)
Sofia on the Couch (13″ x 20″)
Giselle and the Crows (14″ x 31″)
An Uncontested Will (13″ x 24″)
The Watcher (13″ x 28″)
A Wise Decision (11″ x 28″)
The Tinkerer (12″ x 12″)

The exclusive show print for the People in the City exhibition was Masquerade Party. The sixteen-color serigraph print uses 335-gram archival museum paper and measures 29” by 22”. It retailed originally for $350 USD, rising to $500 USD following the opening. The print was produced in a limited edition of 250 copies with 25 artist proofs.

The Earl McGrath Gallery included a few installation photographs showing the People in the City exhibition.

Seen Again?
An Uncontested Will in March 2021 – auctioned by Ahlers & Ogletree Auction Gallery for $6,000:

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