Outbound with the In-Crowd Exhibition

Outbound with the In-Crowd marked Shag’s 2012 return to Australia with a three-city tour. In his seventh solo exhibition at the Outré Gallery, Josh Agle relives his jet-setting fantasies of international travel. The exhibition also marked the release of the second edition of the Supersonic Swingers book from Outré Gallery Press.

The exhibition ran in November 2012, beginning in Melbourne (3rd-16th), continuing in Perth (10th-23rd) and finishing in Sydney (17th-30th). The show included twenty original paintings, two new serigraph prints, a book launch with a limited-edition hardback and print package, and many older limited-edition prints including rare artist proofs.

The show featured a huge six-foot world Supersonic Swingers’ Map of the World that was originally planned for the 2001 Supersonic Swingers book, Josh Agle explains “At the time, I just didn’t have the confidence or capability to create it, but 11 years later, I realized I had progressed enough as an artist to make such a thing”. The signature cocktail featured map forms a centerpiece for the exhibition and includes memorable destinations and landmarks, along with mythical creatures and many national symbols.

The Outbound with the In-Crowd exhibition features twelve acrylic paint on panel 10″ by 8″ paintings that show a liveried aircraft along with cabin crew wearing the associated airline’s outfit.

Flight to Heathrow now boarding (British Airways)
Flight 13 to Moscow now boarding (Aeroflot Airline)
Flight 17 to Dublin is Now Boarding (Air Lingus)
Flight 7 to Sydney is now boarding (Quantas)
Flight 42 to Amsterdam now boarding (KLM)
Flight To Lisbon now boarding (Air Portugal)
Flight 3 to Paris now boarding (Air France)
Flight 72 to Bangkok is now boarding (Thai Airlines)
Flight 33 to Buenos Aires now boarding (Pan Am)
Flight 9 to Miami now boarding (Pacific Southwest Airlines)
Flight 68 to San Francisco now boarding  (British Overseas Airways Corporation)
Flight 16 To Bermuda Is now boarding (Virgin)

The Original Owner is an acrylic paint on panel painting, sized 40″ by 19″. This painting was created for the Sydney leg of the exhibition tour and includes Sydney Opera House in the background.

Yarra Flotilla is an acrylic and vinyl paint on panel painting sized 34″ by 24″ which cost $13,500 AUD. This painting was created for the Melbourne leg of the exhibition tour and features the local Yarra river.

The Secret Fishing Hole shows the Featherston House in Victoria as designed in 1967 by award-winning Australian architect Robin Boyd. The house was built for industrial designers Mary and Grant Featherston, and was completed in 1969. The acrylic paint on panel original painting measures an impressive 48” by 32”.
Four other new original paintings were created for the 2012 Outbound with the In-Crowd exhibition.

(Yes, I Dated Picasso) is an 11″ by 19″ acrylic paint on panel painting.
The Birdsong Dim Sum House and Baijiu Bar is a 12″ by 24″ acrylic paint on panel painting.
Sharif Don’t Like It is a 16″ by 27″ acrylic paint on panel painting ($9100)

The Casting Agent is a 24″ by 16″ acrylic paint on panel painting.

Bondinho Balançando is an 18″ by 32″ 13-color serigraph print that was available at the exhibition.

Kookaburra’s Roost was an acrylic on canvas painting from 2008, sized 72″ by 26″. The 24-color serigraph print of the painting was released at the Outbound with the In-Crowd exhibition and measured 44″ by 18″.

The second edition of the book Supersonic Swingers: Around the world with the Art of Shag was released for the Outbound with the In-Crowd exhibition. It had been twelve years since the original Supersonic Swingers: New Works By Shag book and this fully revised edition, published by Outré Gallery Press, includes 96 pages and is sized 11” by 9”. A hand numbered and signed hardback edition of just 250 copies ($150) (cloth backed and foil embossed) included the limited-edition Free Cocktails on all International Flights 4-color serigraph print (size 11” by 9”). The softback is an open edition.

Supersonic Swingers
Supersonic Swingers
Free Cocktails on International Flights (Serigraph)

The very successful exhibition toured the three Australian exhibition spaces of Outré Gallery in November 2012, here are a few photographs from the events.


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