Other 2012 Group Shows

2012 was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, an epic year made even better by eleven group exhibitions that included work from Josh Agle. The following two exhibitions are covered by other posts:

The remaining nine group art shows from 2012 are covered below.

Funny Valentines: A Tribute to Jack Davis
The Funny Valentines: A Tribute to Jack Davis exhibition at the Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery in Seattle ran from February 11th to March 7th in 2012. The group art show of twenty-three artists celebrated the publication of the book Jack Davis: Drawing American Pop Culture. Sadly the great American cartoonist and illustrator ‘Jack’ Davis passed away four years after this exhibition in 2016. Shag contributed a single original painting in the form of a valentine card.

Juxtapoz Turns 18
The Juxtapoz Turns 18 group art show at the CoPro Gallery in Santa Monica, California ran from March 24th to April 14th 2012. The exhibition included over fifty artists from Juxtapoz magazine’s past including Josh Agle who contributed the four 2010 original acrylic on panel paintings from A Guide to the Crypto-Hominids of the World. The four crypto-hominid paintings are Bigfoot, Yeti, Old Yellow Top, and Hibagon. The paintings were priced at a reasonable $5,000 USD each.

Hukilau 2012
The 11th annual Hukilau event was held at the Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale, California and ran from the 19th to the 22nd April 2012. Josh Agle created a new material which was available as an Aloha shirt or a cushion cover.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
The Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me exhibition at the CoPro Gallery in Santa Monica, California ran from April 21st to May 12th, 2012. The group art show of over fifty artists celebrated the 20th anniversary of the David Lynch film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” (the prequel to the popular television series). The show included the original 16″ by 39″ acrylic on panel painting An Old Woman and Her Grandson by Shag.

All Together Now: A Tribute to The Beatles
The fiftieth anniversary of the Beatles was celebrated in style at the All Together Now: A Tribute to The Beatles group art show at the Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra, California from July 7th to July 29th 2012. The exhibition featured seventy-six artists including Josh Agle who showed the acrylic on panel original painting It’s My Party and I’ll Hire the Beatles If I Want To. A limited edition 8-color serigraph print of Shag’s painting, measuring 31” by 13”, was released at the show with an edition size of 200 and a cost of $275 USD.

Tiki Oasis 12
The annual Tiki Oasis event was held during 2012 from the 16th to the 19th August at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Diego, California. This is the world’s largest Tiki event and within its extensive schedule included a marketplace with vendors selling related merchandise. The Shag Store booth released three new products at Tiki Oasis 2012, these were a watch, a glass set and a charm bracelet. Josh Agle attended from 2pm to 4pm on Saturday the 18th August to meet guests and sign merchandise.

The Welcome to Palm Springs wristwatch was produced in a limited edition of 99 with a retail cost of $110 USD.

The Cocktail Drinking Glass Set includes four glasses with one for each of the following drinks: Mai Tai, Blue Hawaiian, Scorpion and Zombie. The glasses are 6″ high with a diameter of 3″ and retailed for $50 USD for the set.

The Tiki Oasis 2012 Charm Bracelet was produced in a limited edition of 150 with a retail cost of $125 USD.

Denver Modernism Show
The 2012 Denver Modernism Show was held at the National Western Complex Expo Hall in Denver, Colorado from Friday August 24th to Sunday August 26th. The show included two slideshows from Shag, the first on Friday at 18:15 ‘Maximal Modernism, or Charles Eames is Rolling in his Grave’ and the second on Sunday at 13:00 ‘I Learned my ABC’s in Waikiki’. The show included an exhibition of Shag’s work with the 18-color serigraph print Love Spider (measuring 25” by 19”) released at the show priced at $250 USD.

Shag also helped to judge the Miss Modernism Pageant, and appears with Chris Bakunas below right (just so you don’t confuse the photograph with the pageant).

7th Annual BLAB! Show
The 7th Annual BLAB! Show was held at the CoproGallery in Santa Monica, California from the September 8th to the 29th, 2012. This eighth annual BLAB show included over thirty artists from the BLAB World #2 book. Josh Agle’s work from the book is named The Artisan, a 19” by 19” acrylic paint on panel original painting that is priced at $9,000 USD.

Tura! Tura! Tura! 2
The Tura! Tura! Tura! 2 group art exhibition at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, California ran from September 15th to October 15th in 2012. The show was a tribute to actress Tura Santana, favourite of American film director Russ Meyer and star of the film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! The exhibition included the limited edition prints and towels shown below.
Bondinho Balancando
Ye Olde Raven
L is for Liquor

W is for Wolf
Purple Sun
Beach Bus Towel
Yellow Sun Towel
Green Surfer Towel
Benevolent Idol
Desert Showers

Shag also painted “The Pussycats Three” (18” x 24”), but it is unclear if it was released at this show:

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