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In 2010 we celebrated the winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada and (spoiler alert) Spain winning the FIFA world cup in South Africa. The world’s tallest building at 2,716 feet high opened in Dubai and Josh Agle collaborated in twenty-three group art shows. Two of the 2010 shows are covered in other posts:

with the other twenty-one 2010 group shows covered below.

The Hollywood Bowl Poster Artshow
The success of the original Hollywood Bowl Poster Art Show in 2009 at the Arclight Hollywood led to an extension in 2010 where the exhibition was moved to the Arclight Sherman Oaks, California and ran from January 9th to March 31st 2010. Josh Agle contributed the 2009 poster Pink Martini, a limited edition of 150 copies measuring 16” by 24”. Each Pink Martini poster is signed and numbered by Shag, and priced at $75 USD.

The After Party at The Tropics
The After Party at The Tropics was held at the Caliente Tropics in Palm Springs from 10pm to 1am on Friday, February 12th 2010. The event included exclusive Shag tiki themed prints on display and for sale. Photographs below from

Lunch with SHAG
The Trio Restaurant in Palm Springs held a Lunch with Shag event from noon to 2pm on Saturday, 13th February 2010 with tickets purchased for $35 USD. In addition to the lunch with Shag, guests received a hand signed print. The Shag Store is next door to the Trio restaurant and soft opened during this fifth annual Modernism Week in Palm Springs.

MODCOM Fundraiser pre-party
THE MODCOM Fundraiser pre-party was held at the Caliente Tropics in Palm Springs from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on Saturday 13th February 2010. The fundraiser included limited-edition serigraph prints and Shag attended to meet guests.

Shag Valentine’s Day Book Signing
The Shag Valentine’s Day Book Signing was held at the Riviera Resort and Spa in Palm Springs from 11am to 1:30pm on Sunday 14th February 2010. Photographs below from

Hi-Fructose 5th Anniversary Exhibition
The 5th anniversary of Hi-Fructose Contemporary Arts Magazine was celebrated at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, California from March 13th to April 3rd 2010. Shag contributed the 22” by 18” acrylic paint on wood panel painting The Coldest Spring, priced at $8,000 USD.

BLAB! A Retrospective
The Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators held BLAB! A Retrospective from March 26th to May 1st 2010. The opening night reception was held from 6pm to 9pm on Friday, March 26th 2010. The show included over one hundred pieces of art including from Josh Agle. Shag contributed the 22” by 18” acrylic paint on wood panel original painting The Coldest Spring, available for $8,000 USD.

Playboy Redux: Contemporary Artists Interpret the Iconic Playboy Bunny
Playboy celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Playboy Club and Playboy Bunny with the Playboy Redux Exhibition at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh from March 27th to June 19th 2010. The group art show of nearly two dozen artists was curated by Aaron Baker, Eric C. Shiner and Ned West. Josh Agle contributed the acrylic paint on wood panel original painting Two Hours Past Bedtime.

Urban Superstar Show: Back From Black
The Urban Superstar Show: Back From Black – Bright Pop to Dark Underground And Back collective exhibition, curated by David Vecchiato, was held from May 1st to June 14th 2010 at Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina (MADRE) in Naples, Italy. The group art show of over sixty artists included Josh Agle who contributed the 54″ by 30″ (full) / 48” by 24” (image) acrylic paint on wood panel original painting The Infestation. Note that this painting appeared at the Ambergris solo exhibition at the end of the year so presumably did not sell during the Urban Superstar Show.

Art From the New World
The Art From the New World group art exhibition at Bristol’s City Museum and Art Gallery in the UK ran from May 15th to August 22nd. The show featured forty-nine contemporary US artists and was curated by the Corey Helford Gallery from Los Angeles, California. The works for the event had to be sent by sea due to volcanic ash grounding flights, this pushed the opening back from the 1st to the 15th May.

Josh Agle sent the acrylic paint on wood panel original painting I Author My Own Disaster and also attended this UK exhibition.

The Art From the New World exhibition opening was on May 15th and featured the awesome international burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese. Costumed characters from Gary Baseman’s work interacted during this opening and artist signing.

The Shhh… Event
Vegas Seven magazine presented The Shhh… Event group art exhibition at the Vdara Hotel & Spa lobby from 7pm on May 27th2010. The event was hosted by Shag.

Hukilau 2010
The 9th annual Hukilau event in 2010 was held at the Mai-Kai and for the first time welcomed contemporary artist Josh Agle. The event ran from the 10th to the 13th of June, 2010. For the event, Shag designed an Aloha shirt and created three new paintings. He also held a meet and greet, participated in the Sarong-O-Rama Fashion Show, and judged a cocktail content. Poly Blend was the name of the group art show installation held at the Bahia Mar Commodore Ballroom from 5pm to 7:30pm on Thursday 10th June, 2010. Shag’s three new 9” by 19” acrylic paint on canvas paintings were Mai-Kai Tiki #1 and Mai-Kai Tiki #2,  plus the third painting (name unknown) bottom right.

Freeman’s Los Angeles Auction Preview
The seventh Vader Project exhibition featured one hundred Darth Vader helmets re-imagined by famous creators, artists, and designers from lowbrow, pop surrealism, underground street, graffiti, tattoo, rock poster, apparel, and designer vinyl genres. This iconic collection completed a four-year art odyssey before returning from its world tour in 2010 to a Freeman’s auction in Philadelphia. Josh Agle contributed Darth Tipua (a word from Māori mythology meaning ‘differing shaped demon’) to the collection, this Tiki-themed helmet was auctioned for $2,100 USD. The Freeman’s Los Angeles Auction Preview in Los Angeles, California ran from the 11th to the 20th June 2010. The Helmet can be viewed on pages 8 and 9 of the Vader Project Auction Catalogue which can be seen online at the Freemans auction site.

The Vader Project Auction Exhibition
The eighth and final Vader Project exhibition was held at the Freeman’s Auction House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from the 5th to the 9th July 2010. One hundred contemporary artists were given a full-size replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet used in the Star Wars films. The plain white helmets served as a blank slate for the artists to paint, design, and customize.

The Vader Project Auction
After a four-year world tour the hundred Vader Project Darth Vader helmets were finally auctioned off. The Helmet can be viewed on pages 8 and 9 of the Vader Project Auction Catalogue seen online at the Freemans auction site. Josh Agle’s contribution, the Darth Tipua helmet, was auctioned at the Vader Project Auction at Freemans auction house in Philadelphia on July 10th 2010 for $2,100 USD.

Art Shack
The Art Shack Exhibition at the  Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, California from June 13th  to October 3rd 2010 was a group art show of thirty-three artists. The exhibition examined the United Nations statement that more than one billion people, one-sixth of the world’s population, live in shacks. Josh Agle contributed a beautiful mid-century styled “shack” with miniature furniture, shag carpet and rare limited-edition printer proofs of his work. The miniature mid-century modern building is from the 2007 Conspicuous Consumption Exhibition and is named An Aesthetic Instruction in Conspicuous Consumption.

The three prints Home, House, and Residence were sold at the Art Shack exhibition for US$75 each. The 8-color serigraphs were released in limited editions of 150 copies and measured 19″ by 13″.

100 Artists See Satan: The Fundraiser
The 100 Artists See Satan: The Fundraiser exhibition at the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, California ran from June 26th to August 15th 2010. The fundraiser exhibition is a spin-off of the 2004 GCAC exhibition and publication 100 Artists See Satan, with proceeds from the sale of art supporting the art center. Josh Agle’s contributed the original acrylic paint on wood panel original painting Black Drops.

DragonCon 2010
The DragonCon Convention at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia ran from September 3rd to 6th 2010 had over 35,000 attendees. The event ambitiously tags itself as ‘the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe‘.
Josh Agle attended for the first time in 2010 to host Shag Under the Sea, a retro-themed party at the Georgia Aquarium. Shag also designed a poster and a limited-edition commemorative Hyatt Hotel room key.

Josh Agle released A Guide to Crypto-Hominids of the World at Dragon Con 2010. This portfolio of four prints (Bigfoot, Hibagon, Old Yellow Top, Yeti), four guide sheets, and a CoA was contained in a printed folder and limited to 99 copies (plus 25 artist proofs and 15 printer proofs). Each 8-color giclée print measured 11″ by 8.5″, and the full folio was priced at $125 USD.

BLABWORLD No. 1 Show: Scenes from the Hereafter
The BLABWORLD No. 1 Show: Scenes from the Hereafter group art exhibition ran at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, California from September 11th to October 2nd. This 5th annual BLAB! show’s title was renamed in 2010 to reflect the published BLABWORLD No. 1 book. The exhibition itself focused on artists interpretations on the theme of the Hereafter. Shag contributed the 22” by 18” acrylic paint on wood panel original painting The Coldest Spring, available for $8,000 USD.

Tiki Farm 10th Anniversary
The La Luz de Jesus Gallery held the Tiki Farm 10th Anniversary exhibition from the 16th to the 31st October 2010. An artists reception was held from 8pm to 11pm on Satrurday 16th October 2010. The show included the mugs designed by Shag.
Mondo Lounge III
The Mondo Lounge III event took place at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 22nd to 24th 2010. Josh Agle attended with an exhibition of his work organised by M Modern Gallery. Shag also produced the Mondo Lounge III official program cover, and also (previously and not due to this event) the graphic for the Thurston Howlies who played at the event.

Playboy Redux II: Contemporary Artists Interpret the Iconic Playboy Bunny
The Playboy Redux II group art exhibition ran at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, California from December 18th 2010 to January 8th 2011. The exhibition first took place earlier in the year at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and this redux (revival) brings back many of the earlier works in addition to new ones. The theme is contemporary artists interpreting the iconic Playboy bunny, bringing new looks through the different mediums of photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, and video. Josh Agle contributed the pair of 10” by 12” acrylic paint on wood board pictures Bunny No. 1 and Bunny No. 2.

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