Other 1998 Group Shows

In 1998, Google is founded, the world’s largest airport is opened in Hong Kong, and the assembly of the international space station begins. Nagano in Japan hosts the XVII Winter Olympics, the Europeans agree on a single Euro currency, and Apple launches the iMac. In the contemporary art world, Josh Agle contributed to five group art shows.

Tiki Art
In 1998, the Copro/Nason Gallery in Culver City, California, curated its second Tiki Art exhibition on September 19th at Bahooka! Family Restaurant moving on September 26th ato The Key Club. Shag contributed the painting Banana Liquor (acrylic on panel, 19″ by 25″), which was made into a print in 2001.

Water Festival Paintings
The Water Festival Paintings group art show is held at the Art Parts Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden in 1998. Josh Agle sent an original painting to be shown at the exhibition. Please let me know if you have more information on what was shown.

New Los Angeles Artists
The New Los Angeles Artists show was held in Cuenca, Spain in 1998. Josh Agle’s work was included in this group art exhibition. Again, I have no further information on this exhibition, such was the internet in 1998 – luckily Google was founded in this year.

South Seas Influences
The South Seas Influences exhibition took place at the Huntingdon Beach Art Center, California in 1998.

The Kittens’n’Kads group art show was held at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Hollywood, California, from the 5th of December 1998 to the 16th of January 1999. The show was curated by the CoPro Nason Gallery. Shag exhibited at the show alongside fellow lowbrow artists, including Pizz. If you have more information, then please let me know.

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