Night of the Tiki Exhibition

The Night of the Tiki exhibition ran at the Copro/Nason Gallery in Culver City, California from July 12th to November 1st (extended from September 14th) 2001. The Night of the Tiki: The Art of Shag, Schmaltz and Selected Oceanic Carvings exhibition included fifteen new paintings by Josh Agle and a book that acted as a catalog of the show.

The fifteen new original acrylic and vinyl paint on wooden panel paintings were as follows:

The Bodyguard (14″ x 20″)
Birdnik’s Table (14″ x 20″)
The Suave Wolf (14″ x 20″)
Mr. X’s Valet (14″ x 20″)
The Mournful Ukelele (14″ x 20″)
Three Wahines (14″ x 20″)
Princess Pineapple (14″ x 20″)
Signs Point To Yes (14″ x 22″)
The Little Inferno (14″ x 20″)
Cat Serenade (14″ x 20″)
Death’s Unending Vacation (14″ x 20″)
The Virile Bull (14″ x 20″)
The Broken Bottle (14″ x 20″)
The Incredible Bartender (14″ x 20″)
Kava Kava Man (14″ x 20″)

The Night Of The Tiki: The Art of Shag, Schmaltz, and Selected Primitive Oceanic Carvings book was produced by Last Gasp to act as a catalog for the exhibition. The one hundred page book was produced in a hardback limited edition of 300 copies including signatures from Douglas A Nason, Shag and Leroy Schmaltz. Hardback and softback versions were later available for $49.95 and $24.95 respectively. A signed show card for the book is shown bottom right.

Seen Again?
The Incredible Bartender sold by Limagerie Gallery for $15,000:

Kava Kava Man in 2020:

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