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Please join our new Facebook group created for people who love Shag’s artwork and wish to engage with fellow enthusiasts. The group is deliberately open to all, friendly, and welcoming.

Join The Artist Shag @ Josh Agle Unauthorised to be part of a friendly collaborative group who are responsive and helpful.

The group acts as a place to:
    •  Share your photographs – we want to see your Shag and how you display it.
    •  Tell your story – did you just attend an event, or find some bargain pieces – let us know.
    •  Ask a question – do you want to know more about your art or find out how much it is worth?
    •  Find an item – are you looking for a specific piece or do you want to know which prints have a Lambretta in them?
    •  Sell your art – do you want to sell a work that you own, to find it a new home then advertise on here.
    •  Engage in conversations – be part of the discussion, respond to posts, be open and honest, be kind and courteous.

It is time to make some new friends, to be part of a supportive network, to learn, to share your knowledge with others and to be the amongst the first to learn about new releases. Be a founder member of this new movement.

Welcome to a new conversation space, a fun Shag mid-century modern cocktail party. The Facebok group The Artist Shag @ Josh Agle Unauthorised supports this most comprehensive resource of Josh Agle’s artwork on the Internet.

Eight Shades of Drunk (2013 Pink Elephants Exhibition @ Corey Helford Gallery, acrylic on panel, 38″x17″, US$15,000)

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