J is for Jetsetter Exhibition

The J is for Jetsetter exhibition was held at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, California from the 7th to the 30th January 2000. This solo exhibition of Josh Agle’s work included twenty original paintings plus an exclusive show print. In this third solo show at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery (after Anatomy of a Swinger and The Party Crashers), Shag chronicles the travels of a hedonistic, mid-century globetrotter.
The twenty acrylic and vinyl pain on wooden panel original paintings exhibitied at J is for Jetsetter exhibition were as follows.

The Arcane Art of Outdoor Entertaining (15″ x 21″)
The Devil is English (16″ x 27″)
The Bad Son (16″ x 20″)
The End of the Day (12″ x 16″)
The Bird Lovers (16″ x 20″)
A Heavy Religious Conversation (16″ x 20″)
Poolside At The Marmont (16″ x 20″)
The Calm Before The Trumpet Solo (16″ x 24″)
Death Accompanies the Latin Drummers (14″ x 20″)
Three Minstrels of Impending Doom (16″ x 28″)
The Dead Duck (24″ x 36″)
The Jihad (24″ x 38″)
Three Crows (22″ x 48″)
L. Cohen Composes ‘Chelsea Hotel #2’ at Polynesian Bar in Miami (18″ x 26″)
Midnight Drive (12″ x 24″)
The Undertaker’s Wrong Turn (12″ x 24″),
The Distraught Tiki (14″ x 20″)
Shiva au Go-Go (15″ x 18″)
The Retired Pirate (22″ x 36″)
Zoey and Petey (12″ x 16″)

The original paintings Bad Son in 2019 and The Retired Pirate in 2020:

The J is for Jetsetter excusive show print measures 19.5” by 29.75” and was created in a limited edition of 350 copies plus 50 artist proofs. The five-color hand signed and numbered serigraph print retailed for $400 USD.

Years later, the J is for Jetsetter image was used for a t-shirt, mobile phone case, and passport set.

Seen Again?

The Bad Son in November 2019 – auctioned by Heritage Auctions for $5,750:

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