Heroes and Monsters Exhibition

Heroes and Monsters was Josh Agle’s fourth solo Australian exhibition and his second at the Sydney Opera House. The 2004 exhibition ran from the 30th January to the 24th February at the Sydney Opera House Studio Gallery, and from 27th February to the 28th March at the Outré Gallery in Melbourne. The site advert is shown below left and the original show flyer below right.

The fifteen new acrylic and vinyl paint on wood panel original paintings are listed below along with title and size.
Preparing For The Third Blind Date (21″ x 24″)
The Centaur and the Sybils (24″ x 42″)
Ariadne (18″ x 20″)
Three Blind Sisters (22″ x 24″)
Polyphemus and Grace (19″ x 24″)
Muse Number One (12″ x 17″)
Muse Number Two (12″ x 17″)
Muse Number Three (12″ x 17″)
Neptune’s Girlfriend (18″ x 23″)
Icarus Over the River Yarra (16″ x 24″)
Olympus Is Poisoned With Boredom (16″ x 27″)
Cerberus at Rest (18″ x 24″)
Arachne and the Warrior (12″ x 16″)
Prometheus Brings Fire (15″ x 22″)
Pandora’s Reveal (21″ x 48″)The exclusive show print set was the three individual prints – Cyclops and Muse, Minotaur and Muse, and Griffin and Muse. Each three-color serigraph print measured 8″ by 11″:
The catalogue of the exhibition was published by Outré Gallery Press as Heroes and Monsters: New Works by Shag. The twenty-four page book (8¼“ x 8¼“) contains a six-page interview with Shag and fifteen new paintings with details and commentary. There were 1500 hand-numbered books produced, numbers 1-50 were a signed hardbound, remarqued edition and numbers 51 to 1500 were simpler paperback copies. The fifty hardback copies included a unique signed original pencil sketch plate (images vary but measure approximately 6” by 6”) by Shag.

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