Disneyland Map Event

Josh Agle continued his 2005 collaboration with Disneyland by celebrating their 50th anniversary with the creation of a Disneyland 50th: Park Map. This impressively large image was to be launched at an event on September 24th but was moved back to Saturday, November 12th from 10am-12pm and 1:30pm to 3:30pm at the Disneyana Shop on Main Street, USA in Disneyworld, California. The reason behind delaying the Disneyland 50th: Park Map event was not given but Shag hinted at the reason when he said “The Disneyland Map is probably the most complicated and detailed painting I’ve ever done. It’s really like a combination of 20 or 25 little paintings“.

Disneyland 50th: Park Map Limited Edition Print
The Disneyland 50th: Park Map was released as a 24-color serigraph print measuring 24 3/4″ by 40″ (image)/ 27.5″ by 42.5″ (paper). The map was produced in a limited edition of 300 copies (plus 35 artist proofs and 10 printer proofs), and originally retailed for $400 USD.

The limited edition Disneyland 50th: Park Map could also be framed by the Disneyland Framers if you bought directly from Disneyana in the Disneyland park. This custom matted piece looks stunning and different from the standard picture.

Disneyland 50th: Park Map Petite Print
The Disneyland 50th: Park Map was also released as an open edition, matted 11” by 14” petite print and retailed at $18 USD.

Disneyland 50th: Park Map Mouse Mat
A mouse pad of the Disneyland 50th: Park Map was produced measuring 9” by 6”.

Disneyland 50th: Park Map Serving Tray
The Disneyland 50th: Park Map wooden tray measures 18” long by 12.25” wide by 2.25” deep.

Disneyland 50th: Park Map Keepsake Box
A Disneyland 50th: Park Map  keepsake box was created measuring 10” wide by 6.5” deep by 4.5” tall. The box retailed at $48 USD.

Disneyland 50th: Park Map Pillow
A Disneyland 50th: Park Map pillow was created using images from the map and retailed at $58 USD.

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Stationary Set
The Disneyland 50th: Park Map Stationary Set retailed at $24 USD and contained:

  • 10 Stationary Sheets (2 of each design) 5.75″ x 8.75″
  • 10 Mini Notecards (2 of each design) 3.25″ x 4.15″ folded
  • 50 Adhesive Notes 3″ x 3″
  • 20 Matching Envelopes (4 of each design)
  • 3 Sticker Sheets (13 stickers per sheet) 5.75″ x 8.75″

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Memory Album
The Disneyland 50th Anniversary Memory Album retailed at $30 USD and contained:

  • Bound memory album with 20 refillable pages plus 50th anniversary commemorative first page
  • 3 icon sticker sheets (11 stickers per sheet) 5.75″ x 8.75″
  • 3 attraction sticker sheets (16 stickers per sheet) 5.75″ x 8.75″
  • 3 icon photo corner sticker sheets (32 corners per sheet)

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Charm Bracelet
The Disneyland 50th Anniversary Charm Bracelet contains 33 charms on an 8″ bracelet, and comes in a velvet box. The bracelet was prodced in a limited edition of 1955 and retailed at $125 USD. The thity-three charms feature icons and attractions from across the Disneyland park:

  1. ‘Shag’
  2. Red Mickey Mouse reading “Disneyland 50th Anniversary, LE of 1955”
  3. Monstro The Whale
  4. Frontier Land Totem Pole
  5. Spaceship
  6. Boy Mouseketeer
  7. Fantasyland Flag
  8. Girl Mouseketeer
  9. Town Hall
  10. Adventureland
  11. Teepee
  12. Main Street U.S.A
  13. Tea Cup Ride
  14. Sleeping Beauty’s Coach
  15. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  16. Auto Ride
  17. King Arthur’s Carousel
  18. Locomotive
  19. Tomorrowland
  20. Jungle Ride
  21. Boats
  22. Fire Truck
  23. Dumbo Ride
  24. – 33. ‘Disneyland’ letters

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Aloha Shirt
Two Disneyland 50th Anniversary Aloha Shirts were manufactured in a limited edition of 500 and retailed at $68 USD.

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Carry All Bag
Disneyland 50th Anniversary Carry All Bag was created based on Shag’s artwork and released in 2005 for $65 USD.

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Catalog
A Disneyland 50th Anniversary Arts & Collectables Catalogue was produced to show available merchandise (including Shag’s). The booklet measured 10″ by 6″.

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Vacation Planning Kit with DVD
A vacation planning kit was produced to help people to organize a Disneyland visit during 2005.

Disneyland 50th: Park Map Photo Backdrop
An over sized “photo opportunity” Disneyland 50th: Park Map backdrop signed by SHAG sold at the D23 Expo for $750. This is covered in the Medusa – a journey from Shag’s brush to the auction block post.

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