COVID-19 Update

Sir Austin Chamberlain coined the phrase “May you live in interesting times” as a curse in 1936, it seems that we have now reached that point. And what is happening with Shag while we live our socially distanced lives? I am glad you asked as it gives me an excuse to write a quick post.

The Shag Stores in Palm Springs and West Hollywood closed on the 18th March to protect their staff and customers. They have kept their website open for orders and listed some new items since.

A 14-color serigraph print was released on 5th May called It’s All Over Now, measuring 39” by 19.5”, in a limited edition of 200, for a cost of $399. The original painting exhibited at the 2016 Crime on Canvas event and depicts a fight at a Rolling Stones concert. Shag noted, “My painting is set in the middle of a fight during a music concert, so I was trying to tie together the themes of music, crime, and art”.

Harveys converted their manufacturing line to produce face masks in a pack of three for $30. The on-hand materials are being “up-cycled” to make face masks. The liner from Shag’s Wretched Hive bags and wallets is one of those shown on their site.

And to help keep everyone sane – Jay, MiShell, Monet, Jeffrey, Ian, Kevin, Tess, Patty, Pilar, Brian, Matthew, Matt, Lucy and Nick from the Shag Store have been sending out Shag coloring pages on their newsletter and making them available on their Facebook group.
Page 1 (19th March)
Page 2 (19th March)
Page 3 (6th April)
Page 4 (6th April)
Page 5 (13th April)
Page 6 (20th April)
Page 7 (27th April)
Page 8 (4th April)
Page 9 (11th May)
Page 10 (18th May)
Page 11 (25th May)
Page 12 (1st June)
Page 13 (8h June)
Page 14 (18h June)

Note that five of the above images are from volume 21 of the Color Ink Book(pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 6):

Palm Springs retailers held a curbside collection shop for the shelter event for memorial day weekend with 10% of proceeds benefitting the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. Shag Store Palm Springs was one of the 35+ stores open for the event.

The Ohana Luau at the Lake 2020 event has been converted to an at home event this year named COVHANA 2020. Ohana items are available online to keep the fundraiser running in 2020 to help the people of Easter Island. The Shag COVANA 2020 sticker, measuring 6.5” by 2.5” is available for $25. The planned Ohana Luau at the Lake 2020 five-pin set is exclusively available through the fundraiser for $225 as part of a set with a t-shirt, tote bag and sticker.

Keep safe and I will catch you on the flip side 🙂

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