Conspicuous Consumption Exhibition

The Conspicuous Consumption Exhibition at Billy Shire Fine Arts in Culver City, California from September 15th to October 20th 2007. The show included one miniature building, six large new paintings and one hundred and one smaller ones. Each six-inch square small painting was packaged in a plastic bag with a header card and mounted pegboard-style on the wall, perfect for the conspicuous consumption theme.

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Shag worked with the massively talented Bamboo Ben to produce a miniature mid-century modern building called An Aesthetic Instruction in Conspicuous Consumption. This building was exhibited again the following year in the Art Shack Exhibition. Here are photos of the construction

The house was popular with both adults attending the Conspicuous Consumption Exhibition and with their children.

The two largest paintings in the exhibition are acrylic paint on canvas and both eight feet wide. The paintings were sold for $36,000 USD each.
Welcome To Our Glorious Lifestyle (35″ x 96″)
El Banderillero (41″ x 98″)

Four acrylic paint on panel original paintings were shown at the exhibition. The Bear of the Ball sold for $12,000 USD, Lady Prometheus sold for $9,500 USD, Lady Z sold for $10,000 USD, and The Mentalist sold for $10,000 USD.
The Bear of the Ball (17″ x 36″)
Lady Prometheus (16″ x 24″)
Lady Z (18″ x 29″)
The Mentalist (17″ x 30″)

The 101 small paintings measure six inches by six inches and cost $999.99 USD each. The paintings were contained in a small plastic bag on a header card with the name printed onto it. The bags were mounted pegboard-style on the wall, similar to a wholesale store. These shrink wrapped products fit well into the Conspicuous Consumption Exhibition theme and all the paintings sold out quickly. It is interesting to note that the exhibition raised  just under $214,500 USD from the sale of the original paintings plus the funds from the sale of limited edition prints.

The six inch square ‘Genuine Shag Paintings’ were as follows:

Tiki Nest

Coconut Cocktail

Idol Akahu

Mask Of Kukua

Simian Swig

Brass Duo

Gina And The Cat

Idol Maku

Proud Partisan

Emaciated Guitarist

Idol Kamaha

Beat Bird

Pinks Passion

Idol Lomu Lomu

Morbid Cat


Bird Trio 1

Bird Trio 2

Social Drinker

Orange Rigger

Empty Skull 1

Empty Skull 2

Dead Drummer 1

Dead Drummer 2

Dead Drummer 3

Dead Drummer 4

Purple Potable

Mask Of Mahanu

Pirates Last Drink


Foamy Cocktail

Speeding Shriner 1

Speeding Shriner 2

Glowing Puffer

Sad Executioner

Delinquent Monkey

Delinquent Monkey 2

Delinquent Monkey 3

Frustrated Ferdinand

Croc And Crow 1

Croc And Crow 2

Dog Chase

Perfect Cosmo

In Three Four Time

Fruit Salad

Bad Habit

Black Widow

Hello Old Friend

Three Part Harmony

B Chord

Little Valet

Impatient One

Mask Of Pahua

Bubble Sax

Mask Of Anumu

Rum Skull

Her Best Friend

Drunk Raven 1

Drunk Raven 2

Tobacco Monkey

Skull Collector

Mask Of Mohu

Mask Of Kakumu

Brown Skin Girl

Idol Makahu

Blue Stewardess 1

Blue Stewardess 2

Green Skin Girl

Singapore Sling

Curious Hummingbird

Oldest Crow

Idol Kalaha

Maiden Of The Moon

Hummingbird Surprise

Volcano Bowl

Idol Lokuku

Drum Signals

Cocktail Monkey

Mask Of Kalili

Menehune Mask 1

Menehune Mask 2

Careless Monkey

Idol Manoko

Idol Lumani

Smoking Break

Lucky Shriners

Thirsty Like The Wolf

Dead Bon Vivant

Mask Of Kumu

Crow Martini 1

Crow Martini 2

Idol Manahunu

Blue Birds Ghost

Idol Kuaho

Tiki Swizzle

Volcano Goddess

Five O’clock Sharp

Mask Of Kunu

Idol Koro

Idol Hakona

Nose Tickle

The exhibition also included several limited edition prints.

And some gallery shots to finish, showing the framing and a happy Josh Agle.

Seen Again
Speeding Shriner 1 and Speeding Shriner 2 spotted for sale in 2020:
Morbid Cat in  2011:

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