Behind the Scenes: The Creative Process

The creative process behind the production of Josh Agle’s artwork can be viewed as a series of steps from the initial idea through to the painting, exhibition, and production of limited edition prints.


The ideas for art can come from many sources, for example, a sheet of vintage 1950s ‘Pinup Girl’ decals (below left) provided the basis for the Animal Kingdom Exhibition paintings in 2012. Sketches can also contribute to paintings (below center), as can collaborations with other artists such as Paul Frank (below right).


Prototypes can be required when producing homeware and more functional products. Many prototypes are made but few proceed into production. Thes range from stunning Tiki side tables (below left) to the Tiki cocktail tables that were manufactured (below center) and an interesting cat chair back (below right).

Two transfers were made for Bell’s bike helmets but not put into production (below left and center). A beautiful Moai purse prototype was also produced but due to manufacturing costs did not proceed into production (below right).

The Painting Process

Josh Agle’s studio is very organized with the acrylic and vinyl paints awaiting application onto prepared panels and canvases. The studio tools (below left) are used with some simple sketches (below center) for the painting that often starts with a simple background wash(below right).

Shag can be seen painting (or at least posing at it for the camera) below in his studio (below left and center) with the Predators and Prey piece drying in the final image  (below right).


The finished artwork is then off to the framers to be matted and mounted. The Holmby Hills original painting can be seen awating its fate (below left), along with The Faux Pas (below center) and a framed Primal Cuts (below right).


Exhibitions require a set of paintings created with a consisistent theme. The events are staged with enticing advertising, exciting opening receptions, and a good retail and merchandising experience. Shag can be seen making a last minute touch-up to Trousdale Twist for 2016’s Extravagant Stranger Exhibition (below left and center). Shag often attends events to meet and greet guests, and sign items (below right).


Some limited edition prints are selected based on the popularity of the original paintings, others celebrate events or exhibitions.The majority of Josh Agle’s prints are produced as limited edition serigraphs. The serigraph print process is also known as screen or silk-screen printing. A blade is used to move ink across a mesh and transfer ink onto the paper except in areas blocked by a stencil. One color is printed at a time, with multiple colors layered to create the final image. The first layer of Primal Cuts (below left) shows the first step in the process. The color master is used to ensure all prints are identical (below center), the process ends with completed prints (below right).

A stack of Trousdale Twist prints await signing (below left) by Shag (below center). Each limited edition print is also hand numbered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity (below right).

Print Sales

Limited edition prints are sold at exhibitions and events, via the Shag Stores in Palm Springs and West Hollywood, and online to collectors around the world.

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