A to Z Series Completed!

Seventeen years ago in the year 2000, Josh Agle began his A to Z series of prints with J is for Jetsetter. Limited edition prints covering the rest of the alphabet were then released each year, until this August when the last two prints complete the set. D is for Devil and Q is for Queen are 12-color hand-pulled serigraphs, limited to 250 prints, which will be released on August 21st, 2017.

A complete ‘A to Z’ twenty-six print set is also released with the details of each print as follows:

  • 26 limited edition prints, one representing each letter of the alphabet
  • Each a 12 color hand-pulled serigraph print
  • Limited edition size of 250
  • Individually numbered and hand-signed by Shag
  • Each print sized at 30cm by 36cm
  • Special release price of $3,999 USD until August 20th, 2017.

The prints in the ‘A to Z’ set are as follows (bracketed information given for interest):

  • (A is for) Alligator (released 2007)
  • (B is for) Birds (released 2010)
  • (C is for) Cats (released 2010)
  • (D is for) Devil (released 2017)
  • (E is for) Elephant (released 2013)
  • (F is for) Frenchy (released 2008)
  • (G is for) Grim Reaper (released 2008)
  • (H is for) Hipsters (released 2009)
  • (I is for) Idol (released 2012)
  • (J is for) Jetsetter (released 2000)
  • (K is for) Kapu (released 2005)
  • (L is for) Liquor (released 2012)
  • (M is for) Minotaur (released 2007)
  • (N is for) Nightlife (released 2014)
  • (O is for) Oku Ohana Oono (released 2005)
  • (P is for) Purgatory (released 2014)
  • (Q is for) Queen (released 2017)
  • (R is for) Rum (released 2007)
  • (S is for) Shriners (released 2014)
  • (T is for) Tiki (released 2009)
  • (U is for) Undertaker (released 2006)
  • (V is for) Venus (released 2012)
  • (W is for) Wolf (released 2012)
  • (X is for) X (released 2005)
  • (Y is for) Yawner (released 2007)
  • (Z is for) Zombie (released 2009)

The ‘A to Z’ print set is a bargain at only $154 USD a print, especially when considering many have previously sold out.

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