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In 2006 the International Astronomical Union downgraded Pluto to a dwarf planet whilst NASA launched the New Horizons space problem mission to explore it. The winter Olympic games were held in Turin, Italy and the one-billionth song was purchased from Apple iTunes. And in contemporary art, Josh Agle participated in eleven group art exhibitions. Three of these are covered in other posts:

The other eight group art exhibitions in 2006 for Josh Agle are listed below in chronological order:

Young Guns
The Young Guns group art exhibition ran at Chester’s Blacksmith Shop at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah from January 21st to March 4th 2006. The trendy and popular store Chester’s is part men’s shop and part art gallery. Josh Agle contributed the original acrylic and vinyl paint on wood panel painting Young Guns (24” by 17”) from the 2004 show Holidays on Ice.

Nostradamus – Three Waves to the Apocalypse
The Nostradamus – Three Waves to the Apocalypse at the Copro/Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, California ran from the 4th February to 4th March 2006. The opening reception was held from 8pm to 11:30pm on Saturday February 4th 2006. Over thirty artists work was including Shag with an unidentified picture.

2006 Juxtapoz Group Show
The 2006 Juxtapoz Group Show ran in Minneapolis at the OX-OP Gallery from March 24th to April 30th and at the SooVisual Art Center from March 24th to April 22nd. This group exhibition of seventy artists was split between the two galleries with the SooVisual Art Center on Lyndale Avenue showing forty pieces and the rest displayed in downtown’s OX-OP Gallery. Josh Agle supplied the two original acrylic paint on panel paintings The Herpetologist’s Wife I (Frogs) and The Herpetologist’s Wife II (Turtles), priced at $6,000 USD each. Note that The Herpetologist’s Wife III (Snakes) was included in The Zoologist’s Wife Exhibition at the DC Gallery in Denver from February 3rd to March 1st 2006.

London Luau 2006 Tiki Art Show
The London Luau event ran from the 9th to the 11th June 2006. Alongside the event ran the Tiki Art Show in Kingly Court, London from the 9th to the 23rd June with the opening on the 9th held between 5:30pm and 8pm. Over twenty artists were shown at the exhibition including Josh Agle whose painting London Luau was available as a print in a limited-edition of 100 copies plus 10 artist proofs. The eight-color serigraph measures 13” by 24”. The hand signed and numbered print was available, with CoA, from the exhibition or the London Luau website for £100. Other Shag prints were also shown, including Kapu, Four Drummers of the Apocalypse, The Little Inferno, and Banana Liquor.
London Luau 2006 Poster
London Luau 2006 Print
London Luau 2005 Poster

Tiki Art Show photographs sourced from Tiki Racer Flickr stream and ramba-zamba on Tiki Central:

Comic-Con 2006
Comic-Con 2006 took place at the Convention Center in San Diego, California from July 20th  to July 23rd with an attendance of 123,000. Josh Agle attended for the entire weekend including the contemporary art panel on Thursday, July 20th and for a presentation on his work.
Shag released the Crypto-Zoological Species of North America folio at the show in a limited edition of 100 copies (plus fifteen artist proofs), all hand signed and numbered, priced at $150 USD. The two-color silk-screen archival folio contains four eight-color pigment prints (Chupacabra, Mothman, Sasquatch and the Jersey Devil), each measuring 10” by 12”.
An original painting was also sold at the show:


Tiki Art Now 3
The opening reception for Tiki Art Now 3 took place on Friday, September 15th, 2006 from 6pm to 9pm at the Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington. The exhibition ran to October 9th and included new work from the sixteen top artists from the Tiki scene, including Josh Agle. The full color exhibition catalog was also available in a pdf or color proof version.

Josh Agle created three amazing 18” by 60” acrylic on panel original paintings for the Tiki Art Now 3 group art exhibition. The three pieces are called Ekahi, Elua, and Ekolu which are the Hawaiian words for one, two and three.

BLAB! Show 2006
The second annual BLAB! Show took place at the Copro Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California from September 23rd to October 21st 2006. The opening reception was from 8pm to 11:30pm  on Saturday 23rd September. Shag contributed one original painting to the exhibition. The original acrylic on wood panel painting The Perks of Being A Painter measures 19″ by 19″ and sold at $8,000 USD.

Circus Punks: Out of Vogue in LA
The mixi-bang! Gallery in Pasadena, California held the Circus Punks: Out of Vogue in LA. group art exhibition from the 2nd December 2006 to the 2nd January 2007. Circus Punks are a modern interpretation of the 1930’s American knockdown dolls from the Midway circus game. The opening reception on the 2nd December 2006 ran from 7pm to 10pm and included several of the participating artists.

The show included over original artwork and forty-five unique circus punks, each customized by a top artist in the postbrow art and designer toy scene. The size of the Circus Punks ranged from 6” mini-punks to regular 15” punks and 30” giant punks. The show also featured five show exclusive 15” punks, customized by Craola, Shag, Tokidoki, Reuben Rude, Thomas Han & Bob Dob, available in a limited edition of twenty pieces each. In addition, there were many hard to find Circus Punk production pieces available. Raffle tickets were given to the first one hundred people in line and everyone with an odd-numbered ticked received a large black document bag silk screen printed with the Circus Punks logo and filled with stickers, postcards and either a mini circus punk or t-shirt. The first person in line was also given a 15” punk.

Josh Agle’s 15″ Circus Punk was produced in a limited edition of fifty and retailed for $95 USD.

Shag also showed an original Circus Punk acrylic on panel painting at the show.

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