Other 2001 Group Shows

In 2001, the iPod and X-Box were successfully released, and the movies Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring topped box office charts. Mattel pulled production of the vibrating ‘Nimbus 2000’ flying broomstick after it became a best seller via sex stores, and Nasa launched the Genesis space probe to collect solar wind samples. And in the contemporary art world, Josh Agle took part in seven group art shows, six of which are covered below, the seventh was Night of the Tiki at the Copro/Nason Gallery which is covered by its own post.

LA Modernism Show
The LA Modernism Show was held at the Mendenhall Gallery in Santa Monica, California from the 11th to the 13th May 2001. The entire show space of the gallery was devoted to Josh Agle’s work including original paintings, artist proof prints, and new merchandise. The show preview gala was held from 6 until 9 pm on Friday, May 11th with a ticket price of $50 USD. The Modernism show ran, with an admission cost of $10 USD, on Saturday 11th from 10am to 7pm, and on Sunday 12th from 11am to 5pm. The five original acrylic and vinyl paint on wooden panel paintings were:

Bacardi Dark Rum (15″ x 18″)
The Vain Attempt To Keep Baxter Off The Furniture
Bossa Nova Now (16″ x 25″)
The Game Of Life (14″ x 28″)
Cat Nap
<no picture, please e-mail me if you have one>
The Americana Show
The Americana Show at the Roq La Rue gallery included twenty-one artists from across the United States and Canada and ran from the 17th August to the 8th September 2001. The opening reception was held from 6 until 10 pm on Friday, August 17th 2001. Shag contributed the new acrylic paint on wooden panel painting Last Table in Vegas.

De Felix Austria?
The Ich Tarzan – Du Felix Austria? pop art exhibition ran at the Galerie Christine König in Vienna from June 28th to 10th August 2001. The opening reception was held on 7pm on the 27th June 2001. The original painting Blue Seascape by Josh Agle was shown as the exhibition.

Vital Signs
The Vital Signs exhibition ran at the Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University in Orange, California from March 5 to April 6th 2001. The gallery invited several artists living in Orange County to show at the exhibition, including Josh Agle. If you know which Shag picture was shown or even have a photograph then please e-mail me with details.

Uncommercial Art by Commercial Artists
The Uncommercial Art by Commercial Artists exhibition ran at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, California from March 2nd to April 1st 2001. This fourth annual juried group exhibition at La Luz de Jesus Gallery included over 150 pieces from over 120 artists. Josh Agle exhibited the original painting Santa Monica Marriage which was sized 18” by 11”.

A Community of Angels
In spring 2001 and summer 2002, Shag collaborated with Whoopi Goldberg to paint an angel statue, named 31 cats, to join the hundreds around the city of Los Angeles as part of the A Community of Angels art exhibit. The first set of angels were auctioned off in May 2001. Two books were also produced to celebrate (or possibly catalog) the event.

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