Other 1995 Group Shows

1995 was the year that Windows 95 launched and auctions began on eBay. Apart from that, it was a pretty tough year. And in more fun news, Josh Agle got his first art show in spring 1995.

Cacao Tiki Art Show
Cacao was a coffee house in Santa Monica during the 1990s and early 2000s The science fiction and Tiki theming was created by new owners Bobby Green and Alastair Newbery in 1993.

In 1995, Shag was asked by his friend and Tiki News founder, Otto von Stroheim, to contribute to a group art show at Cacao where he painted five new paintings and three sketches to fill one wall. The paintings were priced at $200 or $300 each – four out of five paintings and two out of the three sketches sold before the show opened. Otto von Stroheim bought one sketch that he used as the cover on Tiki News magazine issue #2. The Book of Tiki author, Sven Kirsten, bought another.

The Tiki Bowl (acrylic on board) – also called ‘painting number one’. Purchased by Peter Moruzzi (chairman of the Palm Springs Modernism Committee) and resold through M Modern Gallery in the mid-2000s:

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