Wrap Party on 5th

Innocean Worldwide is a global marketing and communications company focused on providing innovative and creative solutions. Innocean have nineteen major sites globally with over two thousand employees. More interestingly for us, they have their own art gallery at their location in Huntington Beach in California that commisions paintings.

In 2012, Innocean USA commissioned Josh Agle to create a painting based on advertising culture. Being an ad agency, they decided to tell people by throwing an epic wrap party supported by the creation of flyers, a video, an interactive application, installations and a promotional vinyl. This event was leveraged to drive awareness of the agency through the news medium and via the internet (you’re welcome).

For design and branding, the Innocean USA advertising agency created a series of posters to advertise the Shag Wrap Party on 5th.

Promotional item design at the Innocean USA advertising agency worked with music houses to create a soundtrack for the painting. The songs were pressed on orange vinyl as a SONGS for THE WRAP PARTY record.

Window clings were produced as an extension to the poster designs, with speech bubbles promoting the party encouraging guests to interact.

Finally, an interactive application was created to allow guests to view each section of the painting whilst listening to the corresponding piece of music written to reflect the story. This allowed the painting and soundtrack pairing to live on together after the party had ended.

The Wrap Party on 5th painting by Shag shows an iconic wrap party following a TV commercial shoot. If we pan from left to right, we see the client with a woman from the ad agency whose job it is to keep him happy.  We then see crew members working followed by a director stopping a second client from inserting himself into the creative process. Next is a beautiful actress being hit on by the creative director while crew members work and eat in the background. A second attractive actress has her picture taken standing between a female grip or gaffer, and a copywriter wearing a hoody and flip-flops. At the far right, we have the agency accountant struggling to understand the expense report.

The 60’s themed Shag wrap party was held at the Innocean Art Gallery from 4pm on Tuesday, September 25th 2012 where the new painting was unveiled.

The party was hugely successful with nearly 300 people attending and enjoying the cocktails, music, and artwork. Josh Agle attended the event and enjoyed the posters that the agency created. If you want to see more, Vimeo has two great videos, the first the glossy commercial version and the second Shag’s personal overview.

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